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As Stubborn as Stone

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As Stubborn as Stone

Quest giver
The Peaks (X:21.7, Y:5.9)

Experience 87,750
Gil 800
Previous quest
The Fires Fade
Saint Sayer
Next quest
The Sound of the Quarry

Sayer is oddly confident about his plan's chances of success.

— In-game description


  • Speak to the villagers on Sayer's behalf.


  • Sayer is oddly confident about his plan's chances of success.
  • Sayer is steadfast in his belief that the villagers will come around after seeing the soulstones for themselves. However, he is not quite as confident in his ability to get them to hear him out. You are persuaded to approach the inhabitants of Ala Gannha on the old man's behalf.
  • You talk to a few of the villagers, enjoying varying degrees of failure. It is made abundantly clear that while you were more than capable of taking on a group of uroliths, most villagers are not. You begin to realize that the general consensus of the village has long been that there is no future in mining. Finally, you happen upon Sayer's granddaughter, Swetelove, once again and discover that she would like nothing more than for her grandfather to retire once and for all.
  • You return to Sayer to report that you have passed on word of the quarry's increased levels of safety. Regrettably, none of the villagers except Swetelove choose to follow you back to him. She does her best to convince her grandfather to give up on his dream of restoring the quarry, but her words only serve to further stoke the fires of Sayer's paranoia. Eventually Sayer gets so frustrated arguing that he storms off, leaving you and Swetelove alone. She bids you go and try to calm him down on her behalf.
  • You find Sayer mumbling to himself about youthful ignorance. Upon seeing you he quickly embarks on a trip down nostalgia lane, reminiscing about how the quarry used to provide for the entire village. It is these memories which convince him of a new solution to his current predicament: work songs. You contemplate this new plan's chances of success as the former quarrier becomes increasingly more confident in the power of music.



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