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A mixed Saltwater Tier 4 Aquarium
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Aquariums, released in Patch 3.4, are a type of interior furnishing housing item that allows you to display fish caught from the various reaches of Eorzea in a free company house, personal house, private chamber, or apartment.


Your prized fish will go unnoticed no longer with an aquarium in the house! They're available in four sizes to accommodate aquatic creatures of all kinds. The tank can also be dressed up with one of several designs to show off your latest catch in style.
— [FFXIV Patch 3.4 Soul surrender Promotional Site]

Customizing Aquariums


Before placing fish in an aquarium, players may choose to fill the tank with either freshwater or saltwater. This will dictate which types of fish can be placed in the aquarium. Please be advised that, in order to change the water type, any fish in the tank must be removed. Freshwater and saltwater fish cannot be placed in an aquarium together.

Aquariums per Estate

Starting with patch 4.3, multiple aquariums are now allowed per estate regardless of size:

Estate Size Max Aquariums
Private Chamber / Apartment 4
Cottage 6
House 8
Mansion 10

Aquarium Capacity

Fish have been categorized into four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Larger fish will occupy more space capacity in an aquarium, leaving less room for other fish. There is no difference between normal quality and high quality fishes.

Fish Size Space Capacity Occupied
Small (S) 1
Medium (M) 2
Large (L) 4
Extra Large (XL) 7

Aquariums are available in four sizes, the smallest holding only a single small fish, and the largest holding up to four. Because larger fish take up more room in the aquarium, one must choose carefully which fish they will put on display. Any fish removed from the aquarium will be lost / destroyed.

Aquarium Tier Max Capacity Max Number Fish
Tier 1 Aquarium 1 1 Fish
Tier 2 Aquarium 2 2 Fishes
Tier 3 Aquarium 4 3 Fishes
Tier 4 Aquarium 7 4 Fishes
  • Example 1: The Euphotic Pirarucu, an extra large fish, will only fit into a Tier 4 Aquarium.
  • Example 2: You can only have a max of 4 Copperfishs (small fish) in a Tier 4 Aquarium despite the tank having 7 capacity.


Accessories in the form of trimmings can be used to change the interior appearance of the water tank. Accessories will be destroyed when removed from the aquarium. Currently there are six trimmings available:

Players can purchase all tank trimmings except Moonlit Tank Trimmings from the following NPCs:

Moonlit Tank Trimmings are obtained through the duty The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain. They can be traded or purchased through the market board.

Fish List

You can find a list of all the possible fish that can be placed in the aquarium in the Aquarium Settings interface. Any fish removed from the aquarium will be lost / destroyed. There is no difference between normal quality and high quality fishes.

Reminder: Freshwater and saltwater fish cannot be placed in an aquarium together.

Freshwater Fish
Name Size Water Type
Chub S Freshwater
Copperfish S Freshwater
Grip Killifish S Freshwater
Seraphim S Freshwater
Blue Prismfish M Freshwater
Cherubfish M Freshwater
Clown Loach M Freshwater
Cupfish M Freshwater
Dark Bass M Freshwater
Dusk Herald M Freshwater
Judgment Staff M Freshwater
Kissing Fish M Freshwater
Mirrorscale M Freshwater
Paglth'an Discus M Freshwater
Silken Koi M Freshwater
Tri-colored Carp M Freshwater
Yellow Prismfish M Freshwater
Blood Red Bonytongue L Freshwater
Emperor Fish L Freshwater
Goblin Perch L Freshwater
Ichthyosaur L Freshwater
Vanuhead L Freshwater
Whilom Catfish L Freshwater
Euphotic Pirarucu XL Freshwater
Giant Takitaro XL Freshwater
Saltwater Fish
Name Size Water Type
Coral Butterfly S Saltwater
Harbor Herring S Saltwater
Hatchetfish S Saltwater
Tiger Cod S Saltwater
Angelfish M Saltwater
Black Boxfish M Saltwater
Blowfish M Saltwater
Redcoat M Saltwater
Coelacanth L Saltwater
Corpse-eater L Saltwater
Hanatatsu L Saltwater
Mummer Wrasse L Saltwater
Dinichthys XL Saltwater
Helmsman's Hand XL Saltwater
Mazlaya Marlin XL Saltwater
Megalodon XL Saltwater
Silver Shark XL Saltwater


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