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Private Chambers or Personal Rooms are an instanced area of the Free Company house that is unique for every player. There can be up to 512 private chambers in each house. Players will be able to decorate their rooms with any indoor furniture. The size of the room is around one-third the size of the small house.

Unlock Requirements

  • Must be level 50 in any one of the classes.
  • Must have the rank of Second Lieutenant in their respective Grand Companies.
  • Each room costs Gil 300,000 gil.

To buy a private chamber, go to your Free Company House, enter the estate and click “Entrance to Private Chambers” then choose “Purchase Private Chambers”.


  • A small personal space you can decorate as you wish; a lot cheaper than an actual house
  • Lock the room or leave the door open for everyone
  • Cannot have a garden or place/store outdoor furniture
  • Can have up to 4 vendors in the room
  • Can have up to 2 crafting facilities in your room (you're the only one who can use them)
  • There are no limitations to what other indoor furniture you can place (except for items that are “one per estate only”, like the Armoire icon1.png  Armoire or the Summoning bell icon1.png  Summoning Bell)
  • you can place up to 100 pieces of furniture

Customization and Furnishing

Players can add Room Name, Greeting and Access settings for their rooms. They can also change the styles of their interior walls, flooring and ceiling lights.

Players can place up to 100 Housing Items in their private chambers. Placing a Housing Item in private chambers will bind it to you, preventing future trade or sale to other players. Additionally, certain items cannot be retrieved once placed. It will be permanently discarded upon removal.

  • Certain Housing Items, including vendor NPCs and crafting facilities, can only be used by the room's owner.


Players must be on free company property in order to vacate their private chambers. Additionally, private chambers must be vacated in order to leave a free company.

  • Gil used to purchase private chambers will not be refunded.
  • All furnishings must be removed before vacating private chambers.