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Allagan Hunter

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Allagan Hunter

Item type
Material type
Vendor Value
Gil 7

Its aggressive temperament have ensured its place near the top of the food chain, although much of this aggression is directed at its own species. In a sense, the Allagan hunter is its own worst enemy.Can only be caught when equipped with an augmented dragonsung fishing rod.

[Suitable for printing on large canvases.]

— In-game description

Basic Information


An exotic fish best known for its glimmering gold scales, though they are often marred with the blood of their kin. Combative by nature, Allagan hunters are known to devour one another, and this cannibalistic behavior is said to be the source of their scales' resilience and lustrous sheen.


Fishing Log: Alpha Quadrant

Recommended Abilities

Must use Dragonsung fishing rod icon1.png  Augmented Dragonsung Fishing Rod. If the player Surface Slap.png  Surface Slaps a Bullwhip icon1.png  Bullwhip, then the only other (!!) is Allagan hunter icon1.png  Allagan Hunter. After hooking use Identical Cast.png  Identical Cast. You can wait for GP to recharge here then Triple Hook.png  Triple Hook.

Used For

Main article: Skysung Tools
Item Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Highly viscous fishers gobbiegoo icon1.png  Highly Viscous Fisher's Gobbiegoo Denys Foundation (8, 10) Oddly Specific Materials Exchange (Gathering) Allagan hunter icon1.png 10 Feature QuestIn Everyone's Best Interests