A Refrain for the Undaunted

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Sidequest.pngWandering Minstrel Quest

Quest Giver Wandering Minstrel - Mor Dhona (x21, y8)
Requirements Level 60
Items Needed
Reward Gil 1056
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Gob in the Machine




  • Speak with Lightkix Eyesfixed.


  • The wandering minstrel craves tales of your adventures inside the steel colossus to rouse his muse once more.
  • It seems word of your recent exploits has reached Revenant's Toll, and the minstrel is desperate to hear your firsthand account. Your story moves the inspiration-starved bard to song, and he delivers a reasonably faithful retelling of your toils and triumphs within Alexander. The experience fills you with a desire to discuss the battles of your past with someone familiar. Walk along the banks of the Thaliak River and reminisce on your adventures with Lightkix.
  • For reasons you cannot well explain, it would seem you are now able to relive your foray into Midas. Peer into the past, knowing that considered retrospection can often grant valuable insight into the present─and occasionally more tangible rewards.

※Midas (Savage) can be accessed by speaking with Lightkix in the Dravanian hinterlands.