A New Leaf (FATE)

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A New Leaf (FATE)
Type Escort
Location The Peaks - The Last Forest (x11.9,y11.2)
Level 60
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Mimiroon Leafgrinder
Enemies Bloodglider, Dust Anila, Chapuli, Fluturini
Description Mimiroon Leafgrinder's companions have been ratnapped, and the kindly Qiqirn finds himself unable to free them on his own. Mimiroon seeks an equally kind adventurer to serve as his sword while he uses his sensitive snout to suss out the location of his soul-shrews.
Experience 30,132
Gil 120
Company Seals 345
Next FATE Salad Days (FATE)
A New Leaf (FATE) is a level 60 Escort FATE in The Peaks - The Last Forest (x11.9,y11.2).

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