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A New Contender

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A New Contender

A New Contender.png
Quest giver
M'rahz Nunh
The Fringes (X:30.2, Y:25.7)
Required quest
The Silence of the Gods
Experience 26,750
Gil 800
Next quest
Down but Not Out

M'rahz Nunh is in need of a skilled warrior.

— In-game description



  • M'rahz Nunh is in need of a skilled warrior.
  • An unruly young Seeker of the Sun has been challenging M'rahz Nunh to combat without cease, each attempt more futile than the last. While most would find these duels to be an annoyance, M'rahz Nunh sees this persistence as admirable. That is why he asks you to train this would-be warrior. He says your new student can be found idling about Virdjala.
  • The young Miqo'te scoffs at the idea of you instructing him, and a fight between the two of you quickly ensues. When you defeat him with a single blow, however, he concedes to your offer, introducing himself as M'zhet. Before you begin training him, he wishes to observe your fighting form, suggesting you pit yourself against a gazelle. To that end, he sets off in search of your prey.
  • You find a gazelle and promptly defeat it with a display of skill befitting your reputation. M'zhet has no doubt been enlightened after watching you fight.
  • Bearing witness to your battle against the gazelle has left M'zhet duly inspired. So much so, he is confident he can defeat M'rahz Nunh at this very moment. But first, he would ponder his plan of attack.