A Final Ignominy

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A Final Ignominy

Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:32, Y:30)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Exotic Flowers
1  Bacchus Wine
1  Exotic Feast
Experience 16,380
Gil 1,461
Previous quest
It Was a Very Good Year
Next quest
In the Company of Heroes

Wheiskaet requires your assistance with the banquet.

— In-game description


  • Arrange the flowers in the flower vases.


  • The two guests of honor have already arrived in Costa del Sol, and Wheiskaet has asked you to help Dyrstweitz with the banquet's final preparations. Speak with Dyrstweitz and offer your assistance.
  • Dyrstweitz has asked you to lay out the food, drink, and decorations for the banquet. Do your utmost to create an aesthetically pleasing floral arrangement.
  • Given the skill with which you decorated the feasting table, none would fault you if you chose to abandon adventuring and become a professional florist. Next, unleash your inner tavernkeep and position the bottles in ideal locations.
  • Dyrstweitz eyes you with suspicion as you arrange the wine with alarming alacrity. Perhaps he believes you to have designs on his job. In any case, it may be best for you to portion out the feast quickly so you may excuse yourself before things become awkward.
  • The banquet is ready, and your work is complete. Report to Wheiskaet, and pray that he has no further requests to make.
  • Wheiskaet declares that since both guests are now present, the banquet can be held as planned. Noting your confusion, he suggests that you speak with the scholarly associate seated on the bench nearby.