A Few Arrows Short of a Quiver

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A Few Arrows Short of a Quiver
Type Collect Items
Location Central Thanalan - Black Brush (x23,y20)
Level 11
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Crestfallen Merchant
Delivery NPC Crestfallen Merchant
Items Needed Stolen Shipping Crate
Enemies Straightshot Assassin
Description The summer home of Eolande Quiveron-former Syndicate member, before tragically losing her life in the Calamity-has been occupied by thieving bandits, one even claiming, in fact, to be the noble lady's heir. Rumor has it the bandits use the run-down manor to hide their booty, and a merchant is seeking aid in recovering his stolen goods.
Rewards  ??
Experience 2,100
Gil 22
A Few Arrows Short of a Quiver is a level 11 Collect Items FATE in Central Thanalan - Black Brush (x23,y20).

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