Where the Heart Is (Mist)

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Where the Heart Is (Mist)

Where the Heart Is (Mist).png
Quest giver
Lower La Noscea (X:31.6, Y:20.2)
Experience 175
Gil 132

Ahctkoen has information that may interest wealthy adventurers.

— In-game description







  • Ahctkoen has information that may interest wealthy adventurers.
  • Rumor has it that plots within Mist are to be auctioned off, and that even foreigners will be permitted to purchase them. Should you wish to learn more, Ahctkoen advises you to search for a Maelstrom representative outside the gates to Mist in lower La Noscea.
  • Roeganlona explains that only adventurers will be permitted to settle in Mist, as part of an initiative to encourage their immigration to Limsa Lominsa. Though it would require substantial funds to build and maintain an estate, she assures you that it would be well worth the expense, and encourages you to visit Mist so that you may see the lands for yourself.
  • As promised, Mist exceeds all expectation. To learn more about the residential area, speak with the storm recruit stationed near the entrance.
  • Alas, the recruit confirms that Lominsan citizens are prohibited from purchasing plots in Mist. Doubtless many adventurers will flock to the region-- and many Lominsans like Ahctkoen will envy them deeply. Perhaps it would be best if you were the one to deliver the bad news to him.
  • Ahctkoen is understandably disappointed that he cannot participate in the land auctions, though he is aware that in these troubled times Limsa Lominsa must rely on adventurers more than ever. Should you share his dream of home ownership, it would behoove you to speak with the cretaker-in-residence in Mist to learn more.