When It Pains It Pours

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When It Pains It Pours
Type Kill Enemies
Location The Lochs - The High Bank (x18.5,y33.1)
Level 69
Duration  ?m
Enemies Soblyn
Description Long have scholars postulated as to why soblyns are so aggressive compared to their lowland cousins. One theory is that the corrosion to their metallic carapaces caused by the accumulation of salt crystals causes the creatures constant pain, leaving them in a perpetual state of frenzy. Or, it could simply be they are evil, evil beings.
Experience 108,135
Gil 138
Company Seals 396
When It Pains It Pours is a level 69 Kill Enemies FATE in The Lochs - The High Bank (x18.5,y33.1).

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