What Poor People Think

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

What Poor People Think

Quest giver
Eastern Thanalan (X:13, Y:23)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Isembard's Notes
Experience 7,560
Gil 209
Previous quest
Unsolved Mystery
Next quest
A Proper Burial

Isembard aims to turn his investigation to the commonfolk.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the commonfolk. 0/3


  • Isembard has told you of someone who knows the most about the commonfolk and their ways. Seek out Ungust and show him the note Isembard has given you.
  • Ungust tells you that the commonfolk are as vigilant a folk as any, and more than most. Speak with them yourself to see if he speaks the truth.
  • In their terror, the commonfolk tell you little of use. Go speak with Ungust once more.
  • Ungust seems unconcerned about the growing list of missing people around Drybone. Report back to Isembard to see if he has any ideas on how to proceed.
  • Isembard believes that perhaps the people are holding their tongues because they have come to trust only in their gods.

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