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A Whalaqee Totem is an item that teaches a Blue Mage a new Blue Magic Spell.

Wayward Gaheel Ja in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:12.9) is a NPC reward vendor that provides Whalaqee Totems.

Whalaqee Totems are unlocked on the vendor through certain Blue Mage achievements involving learning certain numbers of Blue Magic Spells and participation in the Masked Carnivale.

Totem Spell Achievement Requirements
Whalaqee off-guard totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Off-guard Totem Off-guard.png  Off-guard The more you know i icon1.png  The More You Know I Learn 5 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee mighty guard totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Mighty Guard Totem Mighty Guard.png  Mighty Guard The more you know ii icon1.png  The More You Know II Learn 10 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee white wind totem icon1.png  Whalaqee White Wind Totem White Wind.png  White Wind
Whalaqee transfusion totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Transfusion Totem Transfusion.png  Transfusion The more you know iii icon1.png  The More You Know III Learn 20 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee revenge blast totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Revenge Blast Totem Revenge Blast.png  Revenge Blast The more you know vi icon1.png  The More You Know VI Learn 50 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee matra magic totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Matra Magic Totem Matra Magic.png  Matra Magic The more you know viii icon1.png  The More You Know VIII Learn 100 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee dragon force totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Dragon Force Totem Dragon Force.png  Dragon Force
Whalaqee force field totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Force Field Totem Force Field.png  Force Field The more you know ix icon1.png  The More You Know IX Learn 120 Blue Mage Spells
Whalaqee moon flute totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Moon Flute Totem Moon Flute.png  Moon Flute Smokin' iii icon1.png  Smokin' III Clear 10 Stages at the Masked Carnivale
Whalaqee doom totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Doom Totem Doom.png  Doom Smokin' v icon1.png  Smokin' V Clear 20 Stages at the Masked Carnivale
Whalaqee angel whisper totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Angel Whisper Totem Angel Whisper.png  Angel Whisper Smokin' vii icon1.png  Smokin' VII Clear 30 Stages at the Masked Carnivale
Whalaqee angels snack totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Angel's Snack Totem Angel's Snack.png  Angel's Snack Da ba dee vii icon1.png  Da Ba Dee VII Achieve blue mage level 70.
Whalaqee breath of magic totem icon1.png  Whalaqee Breath of Magic Totem Breath of Magic.png  Breath of Magic Da ba dee viii icon1.png  Da Ba Dee VIII Achieve blue mage level 80.


  • The Blue Mage job does not provide a quest or an in-game notification that you have unlocked a Whalaqee Totem on the vendor.
  • The Wayward Gaheel Ja NPC does not list Whalaqee Totems that you have not unlocked.


Though Martyn did reference Whalaqee carvings in the creation of these totems, they are his own handiwork—their name lending perhaps undeserved air of authenticity. Infused with the aether of creatures from the New World, said totems enable trained blue mage practitioners to learn new spells without journeying across the Indigo Deep.

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