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posted 12 days ago

Attempting to edit the loporrit page, and when saving it says it is denied for being harmful, New user creating page with external links. I'm not adding any links or anything, so not sure what's wrong here.

posted 193 days ago

thanks for fixing the ambujam pic

posted 334 days ago

Hi, I was trying to edit Hideway section on by adding Cozy Cabin IV, Workshop IV, Granary IV and Quaint Clock Tower as those already added at but when I tried to save my changes it failed and said I include external link. Is it because I'm a new user? What contribution I can do then to start with?

posted 627 days ago

Hello there, I have been uploading guides under 4 Player Squad Gaming, am I breaking ay rules uploading them? If so please let me know. I believe they can help newer players having updated guides and a different perspective to other guides. Let me know :D

posted 661 days ago

Hi there. How do I delete my account? It is utterly disappointing when absolutely everything I edit to add to this wiki gets undone by another editor, so I better not even waste any database space.

posted 827 days ago

Hello Moogle. Just echoing the reported issue that FWDekker reported 41 days ago: The e-mail confirmation function isn't functioning since no e-mail has been sent to my valid e-mail address after several attempts.

posted 868 days ago

Hi! I think you're the admin? I wanted to inform you that the email confirmation feature is broken. When I go to Special:ConfirmEmail and press "Mail a confirmation code", it gives me the following error: "Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function." My email address is quite ordinary without any special characters.

posted 894 days ago

Hello! I was just curious if there is any multilanguage support? I play the French version of the game and would benefit from this feature. I could help add French content as well if needed.

posted 914 days ago

Can we get you to change Main Page/featured to point at Endwalker? It's out in 2 weeks.

posted 930 days ago

Hi, I've tried uploading an updated image for Vulpangue ( ) as it's missing a marker, but every time I upload it still uses the same picture as before with the missing marker on it, but if I revert it to an older version the thumbnail changes to the picture I uploaded.