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Unknown Ultimatum

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Unknown Ultimatum

Unknown Ultimatum.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:17.3, Y:21.8)

Required quest
He Who Would Not Be Denied
Experience 12,870
Gil 496
Previous quest
Expert Dragonslaying
Next quest
Personal Effects

Margyt is in the middle of a heated discussion.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Ayleth.
  • Speak with Ayleth at Red Rim.
  • Find a dead scout.
  • Speak with Ayleth.
  • Deliver the dragon fang to Margyt.


  • Margyt is in the middle of a heated discussion.
  • You happen upon an unknown man offering Margyt some sort of ultimatum, then leaving. She is part of Dominiac's unit, and the troops know that he is up to something─they have not been sent out after the Dravanian Horde in quite some time now. The only option, as Margyt sees it, is to take action of their own accord. Talk to Ayleth for further details.
  • A scout from another unit was attacked by a dragon─quite an impressive one, if rumor is to be believed. Killing this beast would help make up for the time wasted waiting for orders from Dominiac. The attack happened at Red Rim, to the south of the Convictory. Rendezvous with Ayleth there.
  • Some members of the scouting party fell to the dragon's attack. Their bodies should be nearby, as should the dragon. Find a body. The attacker will not be far from it.
  • You have found a body and slain the dragon that was lurking near it. Inform Ayleth of the situation.
  • Ayleth congratulates you on an impressive kill and asks you to deliver the fang you recovered from the beast to Margyt.
  • Margyt, too, congratulates you on your victory. She thanks you for the fang, but comments that it does not seem to have come from the dragon that attacked the scouts. That beast was much larger─or so the survivors claim.