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Uncoordinated Defense

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Uncoordinated Defense

The Pick of the Bunch.png
Quest giver
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:21.9, Y:18.8)

Experience 13,260
Gil 602
Previous quest
The Pick of the Bunch
Next quest
Administrative Difficulties

Tapklix has lost his patience with the goblins who are supposed to be guarding the settlement.

— In-game description





  • Tapklix has lost his patience with the goblins who are supposed to be guarding the settlement.
  • Tapklix is furious that none of the goblins who are guarding Bigwest Shortstop have returned to the camp. The Illuminati have been spotted dangerously close to the camp, but no guards have regrouped to defend it. Find the guards and tell them to return to Bigwest Shortstop. Their posts are at the Makers' Quarter and the Collectors' Quarter.
  • You find the guards and convince them to return to Bigwest Shortstop. Return there yourself and make sure all of the goblins have made it back safely.
  • Although the guards have all made it back to Bigwest Shortstop successfully, it seems there is a fundamental problem. None of the goblins can agree on the correct procedure for when they should regroup to defend the camp. But the entire patrol force itself is pointless if they are unable to mount an organized defense. For now, Tapklix will lead the goblins in driving off the Illuminati attack, but he asks you to go to Slowfix and advise him of this worrying situation.
  • Slowfix is not surprised to learn that the goblin guards are unable to agree on the correct rules, because Idyllshire has no rules! Idyllshire is intended as a "free nation for free people." Rules, procedures, and laws─anything that robs the goblins of their rights and freedom─would run counter to this ideal.