Ul'dah's Most Wanted

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Ul'dah's Most Wanted

Gladiator quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:9, Y:11)
Experience 3,420
Previous quest
Feature QuestKicking the Hornet's Nest
Next quest
Feature QuestThat Old Familiar Feeling

First Sword Mylla requires your immediate assistance with a dangerous matter.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


  • Search for the freelancers in Stonesthrow.
  • Speak with the Gutless Gladiator.
  • Report to Mylla.
  • Wait in ambush for the freelancers.
  • Defeat the duskwight freelancers!
  • Speak with Bruce.
  • Report to Mylla.


  • A band of lancers has been slaying Hyuran men bearing swords. Mylla bids you go to Stonethrow and investigate reports of suspicious foreigners in the area.
  • Arriving at Stonesthrow, you are ambushed by two Duskwight sellswords, but succeeded in vanquishing them both. Speak with the gutless gladiator and ascertain that he is unharmed.
  • You learn that the sellswords were searching for a man named Aldis. Return to Mylla and inform her of the lancers' demise.
  • Before you can celebrate your victory, a fellow gladiator named Bruce bursts into the guild and reports that the remaining sellswords are hiding in the tunnel south of Black Brush Station. Mylla bids you and Bruce make a foray into the tunnel and deal with the remaining lancers.
  • Though your foes were many, they were no match for your excellent swordsmanship. Speak with Bruce and see that he is unharmed.
  • With the job complete, Bruce takes his leave back to Ul'dah and a celebratory pint. Return to the Gladiators' Guild and report your success to Mylla.
  • Mylla thanks you for your efforts and admits that she is impressed by your tremendous growth as a gladiator. Before you part ways, she questions you as to the motives of the sellswords. Alas, she is unsatisfied with your response.
※ The next gladiator quest will be available from Mylla upon reaching level 15.


Mylla: You look well, [Forename]. I hope you are ready for your next task, because I require your immediate assistance.

Mylla: There have been several violent murders recently, the victims of which were all Hyuran men.

Mylla: Based on the multiple spear wounds found upon the bodies of the deceased, we believe that lancers are responsible for the crimes.

Mylla: Not only are these murders a blight upon our city, I fear it is only a matter of time before one of our own is targeted.

Mylla: I have just received reports of foreign lancers skulking about in Stonesthrow. Considering the circumstances, I find it likely that these are our culprits.

Mylla: We cannot abide any more murders. Go to Stonesthrow, outside the Gate of Nald, and speak with any you find in the area. With luck, we may find these lancers before they strike again.

At Stonesthrow:

Gutless Gladiator: Don't kill me, please! I'm not the one you want!

You fight off two Duskwight Freelancers.

Gutless Gladiator: Thank you, thank you! Th-They appeared out of nowhere, asked me if I was Aldis at spearpoint. I said no, but they attacked me anyway! Wh-What did I do to deserve this?

Mylla: So they were indeed the murderers we sought!

Mylla: But what brought Duskwight freelancers all the way from the Black Shroud?

Mylla: And why were they murdering Hyuran men with swords?

Bruce: First Sword!

Mylla: What is it?

Bruce: Lancers, First Sword! A gang of 'em, hidin' in the tunnel south of Black Brush Station!

Mylla: Hmph, it seems we're not rid of them yet. [Forename], you might as well finish what you started. Go to central Thanalan and dispatch the last of these freelancers.

Mylla: Bruce, accompany [Forename]. See that s/he doesn't die.

Bruce: Well, I can't keep the bloke/[GENDER] from gettin' skewered, but I'll patch him/her up best I can.

Mylla: [Forename], defend Bruce. He knows powerful healing magicks, but he cannot employ them unless you keep all your enemies occupied. Make sure you command their full attention at all times.

Bruce: Aye, I'm countin' on you to keep those bastards away from me. Watch me back and I'll watch yours.

Mylla: You have your orders, gladiators! Send these freelancers to the Seventh Gate!

Bruce the Big: Hmmm...seems no one's home. What say we wait here and ambush 'em when they return?

==== Duty calls. Commence battle for "Ul'dah's Most Wanted"?

※Level sync is in effect. If you are above the maximum allowed level, your level will be synced as follows:

[S] Level: 14

> Proceed > Leave ====


The first wave of freelancers appears at the right entrance of the tunnel.

Bruce the Big: Get these bastards off me! If I die, you die!

The second wave of freelancers appears at the opposite end of the tunnel.

Bruce the Big: Hah, bastards're actually makin' me break a sweat!

The Freelancer Captain arrives.

Bruce the Big: Ho, looks like someone's pissed in his pease porridge!


Bruce the Big: Looks like we're done here. Let's head home, [Forename]─I could use a drink.

Mylla: Congratulations on a job well done, [Forename]. Bruce says you acquitted yourself well.

Mylla: You have shown tremendous growth since you joined us...and though it pains me to do this, you have earned the right.

Mylla: [Forename], I grant you leave to join other guilds.

Mylla: As you doubtless know, Ul'dah is home to both the Pugilists' Guild and the Thaumaturges' Guild. However, there are also guilds where you may learn something of more peaceful traditions. You may even join the guilds of other nations, if that is your desire.

Mylla: Know that I will respect your decisions...whatever they may be.

Mylla: So long as you do not forget that you are, above all, a gladiator!

Mylla: Before you head off, I wanted to ask you─Bruce believes the freelancers were out for a bounty. What is your opinion on this, [Forename]?

What will you say?

> They were tracking a man named Aldis.

Mylla: Aldis!? Are you certain that is the name you heard!?

Mylla: He's...he's alive? But how...?

> Their motives died with them.

Mylla: I see... Mayhap it is best that we put this sordid affair behind us. Still, I cannot help but wonder...