Kicking the Hornet's Nest

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Kicking the Hornet's Nest

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:9, Y:11)
Experience 1,400
Previous quest
Feature QuestMy First Gladius
Next quest
Feature QuestUl'dah's Most Wanted

First Sword Mylla wishes to teach you the fundamentals of the gladitorial arts.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • A gladiator must be capable of commanding an opponent's attention at will. To help you better understand this concept, Mylla has bid you seek out Lominsan marauders harassing people outside the Quicksand. Once located, bellow "Face /me, marauder!" and show them that their disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • The mere sight of you sends the marauders packing. Enter the Quicksand and deal with any belligerents that remain.
  • Your attempts to intimidate Pfarmurl the Driven nearly ends in disaster until a man named Aldis intervenes, causing the marauder to flee in terror. Speak with Momodi and inform her that all the Lominsans are gone.
  • Momodi is grateful for the help you and Aldis provided. However, before you depart, she asks that you not speak of Aldis to Mylla. Return to the Gladiators' Guild and tell the guildmaster that the task is complete.
  • Mylla informs you that the Lominsan marauders have begun terrorizing merchants outside Scorpion Crossing in Western Thanalan. Speak with any victims you can find so that you may track down Pfarmurl's gang and bring them to justice.
  • The Bloody Marauders may be the ones behind a recent assault on a traveling merchant. Search for the merchant's goods outside Scorpion Crossing and confront the Lominsans if they are still in the area.
  • You recover the merchant's goods and ensure that the Bloody Marauders will terrorize the people of Thanalan no more. Return the stolen goods to their rightful owner.
  • The Merchant is overjoyed to receive his stolen merchandise. Return to the guild and report to Mylla.
  • Mylla is pleased to hear of your accomplishments. She reminds you that by mastering the sword, you master yourself. Duly advised, you return to your training.
※ The next gladiator quest will be available from Mylla upon reaching level 10.


Mylla: Ah, [Forename]. I take it you and your sword have become better acquainted. Then I will now instruct you on another fundamental aspect of what it means to be a gladiator: commanding an opponent's attention.

Mylla: As gladiators, we are trained to engage enemies at close range, weathering their attacks as we deliver our own. However, there are times when we must do battle alongside allies whose talents are not the same as our own.

Mylla: In such a situation, your role is not to slay the enemy in front of you, but rather to defend the man beside you.

Mylla: We do this by eliciting the enmity of our opponents through attacks and techniques designed to incite their hatred.

Mylla: You must learn to draw the enemy's attention to yourself and to trust in your stout constitution to endure. In so doing, you protect your weaker comrades who would otherwise perish.

Mylla: To help you better understand this, there is a task I would have you perform. It just so happens that Momodi of the Quicksand has requested our assistance─a gang of Lominsan marauders has paraded into town and begun harassing people outside her establishment.

Mylla: Men like these prey on the weak, but will turn tail and flee at the first sign of defiance. You need not resort to violence─it will suffice to show them that you are not afraid of them, and will not tolerate their behavior.

Mylla: Seek out the Lominsans and make your presence known by bellowing, “Face me, marauder!” In this way, you will protect the people of Ul'dah, as you would your allies in battle.

Ill-mannered Marauder: The 'ells ye want? This don't concern ye, so bugger off!

Ill-mannered Marauder: Ye know yer friend 'ere's a Twelve-damned cheat!? Thinks 'e can charge us more 'cause we're foreigners! But 'e'll get 'is own back, mark me words!

Menacing Marauder: Bugger off! Can't ye see I'm 'avin' a civilized conversation with this poxy whoreson!?

Menacing Marauder: What? Ye blamin' me 'cause this little shite shat 'is own pants!? Well, bugger 'im, an' bugger you, too!

Mocking Marauder: ...Just turn around an' walk away, 'venturer. Are ye deaf? Get lost!

Mocking Marauder: The 'ells is yer problem!? Maybe she likes 'er men rough! What're ye s'posed to be, 'er bleedin' manservant!? Bah, it don't matter, ye've gone an' spoiled the mood...

Keen-eyed Marauder: Ye gots a lot o' nerve, thinkin' ye can talk to me like that!

Keen-eyed Marauder: Oi, come on now, 'e was disrespectin' me proud Sea Wolf 'eritage! <spit> Fine, I'll leave the bastard be, but we ain't finished!

Pfarmurl: Me poxy arse this is yer best brew! I'd sooner drink a pint o' me own piss than this swill!

Pfarmurl: Just who the 'ells do ye think yer speakin' to, maggot!? I'm Pfarmurl the Driven, an' me an' me Bloody Marauders've been reavin' so long, mothers scare their children with tales about us!

Pfarmurl: Don't believe me words? Then I'll let me axe do the talkin'!

???: Oho, this is lively, even for the Quicksand. You two going to put on a show for us?

Pfarmurl: What's this? Another godsdamned fool? Show some respect when ye talk to─

???: Pfarmurl the Driven, leader of a troupe of bloody mummers or some such. Aye, I heard you the first time─your voice carries quite well.

Pfarmurl: Then unless ye want me to split yer skull with me axe, ye better─

Pfarmurl: Th-That sword! It couldn't be...Frenzy!? But only the Sword of Nald would─ Bloody hells, it's you!

???: You know, I've never been one to stand back and watch. Mind if I join the fun?

Pfarmurl: B-B-Beggin' yer pardon, sir!

???: Why do they always do that...? <sigh> Looks like it's just you and me.

???: Standing up to that Lominsan was quite brave of you─and quite foolish.

Aldis: I think I like you, gladiator. Name's Aldis, and I'd buy you a drink, but I'm afraid I just spent the last of my coin.

Aldis: I used to be a young gladiator like you. Back then, I... Ah, but that hardly concerns you. These days I'm just an explorer of the unexplored, a seeker of as-yet-unknown experiences...

Aldis: ...Like that beautiful stranger keeping my bed warm right now. Gods, I've missed this city, this wonderful desert jewel of debauchery and sin. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Momodi: I swear, if I hadn't seen Aldis with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it was him. Everyone here thought he died years ago.

Momodi: Listen, [Forename]. Do me a favor and don't tell Mylla about meetin' Aldis, alright? She doesn't need this sort of drama.

Momodi: Why? Well...let's just say some folk ain't good for one another.

Mylla: I've already heard of your exploits at the Quicksand, [Forename]. You did well to send those marauders packing. I wish I could say we've heard the last of them.

Mylla: Alas, we've received reports of axe-wielding raiders assaulting merchants traveling through Scorpion Crossing. It seems words will not suffice, after all.

Mylla: I want you to finish what you've begun, [Forename]. Head to western Thanalan and see that Pfarmurl the Driven and all those who have shared in his crimes never trouble the people of Ul'dah again.

Nervous Merchant: They...they tore me from my saddle and took everything I own! Bring my goods back to me, I beg of you!

You go off to retrieve the merchant's stolen goods.

You return with the merchant's stolen goods.

Nervous Merchant: They...they tore me from my saddle and took everything I own! Bring my goods back to me, I beg of you!

You hand over the stolen goods.

Nervous Merchant: Twelve bless you, adventurer! If it weren't for good men like you, I'd never leave home.

Speaking with Mylla:

Mylla: Good, it is finished. And with that, this stage of your training is complete.

Mylla: This time, your enemies were ill-behaved ruffians, but who knows what manner of opponents you will face in the future?

Mylla: Regardless, I have faith that you will do well. Master your sword and you shall master yourself.

Mylla: Now then, there will be work for you in the days to come.

Mylla: Return to your training, [Forename]. We will speak again.