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Sidequest.pngIdyllshire Quest

Quest Giver Yloise - Idyllshire (x6, y6)
Requirements Level 59
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 43200    Gil 1215
Previous Quest Next Quest
Better Bill Hunting Elite and Dangerous




  • Speak with Ardolain in the Forgotten Knight.
  • Examine the Clan Hunt board.


  • Yloise is eager for you to rise through the ranks in Clan Centurio.
  • Yloise is pleased to meet the adventurer whose heroics have been the subject of much discussion in Clan Centurio, but is dismayed that as yet you have only been permitted to hunt mid-level marks. She instructs you to return to the Forgotten Knight, and demand that Ardolain allow you access to a higher tier of hunting.
  • Ardolain defers to Yloise's judgment, and allows you access to more advanced marks. He suggests that you peruse the Clan Hunt board to examine the targets Clan Centurio reserve for their more advanced hunters.
  • You examine the Clan Hunt board, and the level three bills posted thereon. For more information about the Clan Hunt, or to exchange Centurio Seals for exclusive items, speak with Ardolain in the Forgotten Knight. Otherwise, it is time to test your mettle against some of the most ferocious fiends that threaten the denizens of the north.