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The Whipping Boy

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The Whipping Boy

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Quest giver
Saint Endalim's Scholasticate (X:6.0, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 583
Previous quest
The Student Body's Revenge
Next quest
Letters from No One

Theomocent looks down and sighs in defeat.

— In-game description



  • Theomocent looks down and sighs in defeat.
  • The students come to the conclusion that your best chance at stopping the petition is to beat the angry mob to Father Saturnois and explain the situation to him. While Crammevoix and Blaisie stay behind to investigate a matter on their own, Leigh asks that you accompany him and Theomocent to Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral, that you might catch Father Saturnois upon his return from meeting with the headmistress.
  • To the surprise of all, Father Saturnois is already aware of why you have come. He then shocks everyone by calmly stating that he has already received the petition, and furthermore intends to throw his full support behind the proposal to expel Archombadin from the scholasticate. More disturbing still is his rationale for doing so: he does not necessarily believe the prefect was responsible for Ulaa's abduction, but wishes to make an example of him nevertheless. With a half-crazed gleam in his eye, he tells of his tragic past—how he, too, had been raised by Father Choisseau, and how he suffered the loss of his best friend and confidant. It would seem his belief that any who would refute the teachings of volume eleven bear responsibility for all of Ishgard's sins nigh borders on fanaticism. With Archombadin's fate all but sealed, perhaps the only person who can find a way out of this predicament is the very boy whose future hangs in the balance. Seek Archombadin out in the Pillars that you might discuss a plan.
  • Archombadin is irate to a point that Theomocent's best efforts to reason with him go completely ignored. Asking that you work your magic once more, Theomocent beseeches you to soothe the agitated Dzemael heir.
  • Your attempts to calm Archombadin's nerves serve only to further stoke his ire, and he turns to you, accusing Theomocent and Leigh of circulating rumors and letters to convict him of a crime he did not commit. Leigh and Theomocent review the documents, and observe they contain no actual evidence that Archombadin is responsible for the kidnapping. Seeing the two seminarians are as confused as he is, Archombadin begins to regain his composure. Not entirely convinced he arrogantly refuses your help in hunting down the true culprit─something Lebrassoir, on the other hand, is altogether too eager to receive. Imperiously ordering you to report back with any information you might find, he scuttles off in his friend's wake.