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The Student Body's Revenge

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The Student Body's Revenge

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:8.7, Y:7.8)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests

Experience 0
Gil 583
Previous quest
Finding Ulaa
Next quest
The Whipping Boy

Briardien's eyes smolder with determination.

— In-game description



  • Briardien's eyes smolder with determination.
  • Ulaa's safe return has brought with it the revival of a certain vicious rumor. Once more, the seminarians whisper amongst themselves, accusing Archombadin of arranging the girl's kidnapping, and this time they are resolved to take justice into their own hands. When the headmistress calls for an emergency meeting, the student body takes full advantage of the lack of supervision and moves to call for Archombadin's removal from the scholasticate. Asking that you look into matters on his behalf, Briardien leaves you with Blaisie to pursue his own line of investigation.
  • The tension is palpable as the seminarians call for Archombadin's immediate expulsion. One youth is particularly vocal about seeing the prefect removed, and his frenzied shouts are quick to incite the other students gathered around. Her own efforts to do so having already failed, Blaisie asks you to attempt to ease the mounting tension. Perhaps you should start by trying to /soothe the stern seminarian.
  • While your soothing words have helped to calm the enraged seminarian, the possibility of not taking immediate action seems to have triggered a deep-seated fear of retribution from Archombadin in another. Help to /rally the terrified boy's spirits before the feeling begins to spread to the rest of the seminarians.
  • Upon hearing your words of encouragement, the young seminarian's fear dissipates and the floor finally opens for a calm discussion on how to proceed. Speak with Theomocent that the talk might commence.
  • The merciful moment of measured discussion and decorum is sadly short-lived, as Theomocent declines to lead the proposed charge on Archombadin. Accusations and insults fly, and a furious student body marches out of the room, intent on starting up a petition that will see the dormitory prefect expelled. A flabbergasted Theomocent, Leigh, Crammevoix, and Blaisie are left in their wake. Is there nothing that can be done to prevent further discord from taking root at the scholasticate?