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A Soulful Reunion

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A Soulful Reunion

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Quest giver
Lakeland (X:25.8, Y:26.0)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Gil 2,036
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Sleeping Gentleman
Next quest
Feature QuestLunar Conspiracy

Hildibrand is back and full of spectral beans.

— In-game description



  • Hildibrand is back and full of spectral beans.
  • Inspector's Log:
I am myself again! Or am I? While I have come to realize the Forgiven Gentleman was no more than a figment of my imagination, the fact remains that my burly body and saintly soul have been separated from one another. I am trapped in this world of dazzling purple known as the First, unable to reunite with my physical form. But I have not yet begun to investigate─a solution will surely present itself in due course. You may rest assured, my good friends and beloved family, that Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville will not rest until he has been made whole!
            * * *
Looking none the worse for wear despite taking an exploding projectile to the face, a moderately lucid Hildibrand declares his desire to return home to the Source. Though he appears to only tenuously grasp the process you explain this would entail, he is eager to forge ahead, heedless of any potential risks. Said process will require the assistance of Beq Lugg, who Theyler and Vonard assure you will be most happy to help. Course of action decided, you and your companions begin the trek back to the Crystarium and the Cabinet of Curiosity.
  • Hildibrand wastes no time in incurring the esteemed Nu Mou's ire by mistaking them for Moren's pet canine. In spite of this faux pas, Beq Lugg grudgingly agrees to help. Hildibrand's soul proves to be sufficiently resolute, and in short order you find yourself in possession of a spirit vessel bearing his memories and vital essence. After offering thanks and farewells, you prepare for a return journey to the Source.
  • Arriving back at Radz–at–Han, you are greeted by a panicking Nashu and a most distressing state of affairs: the sleeping Hildibrand has been kidnapped! With no clues or evidence as to the perpetrator, you and Nashu head out to the streets of Kama to conduct an investigation and locate the inspector before he comes to harm.
  • Questioning witnesses in Kama, you learn that while none saw anyone carrying the inspector's body, an individual carrying a massive sack was observed not a short while ago. With any luck, this knowledge will help you and Nashu narrow your search and find out whence─and by whom─Hildibrand has been spirited away.
  • In your absence, Nashu has made the acquaintance of one Delion, the editor of an occult periodical, who proffers the far-fetched theory that Inspector Hildibrand has been abducted by aliens. Doing your best to swiftly disabuse her of this notion, you prepare to take to the streets once more in search of the mysterious man with the oversized sack.
  • With Nashu at your side, you walk the streets of Kama in hopes of finding anyone who may have seen the sack-bearing suspect.
    • ※You must be accompanied by Nashu to complete this task. Speak with her again should you become separated.
  • You learn the suspicious personage you seek was seen chatting with a merchant in the vicinity of the fountain on Alzadaal's Path. Perhaps a conversation with this man will enlighten you as to the identity of the kidnapper and Hildibrand's current whereabouts.
  • In good spirits due to his recent and unexpected windfall, the merchant is happy to inform you that he met with the individual you seek, and in fact sold the man his chocobo after having received a most generous offer. While the merchant knows naught of the mysterious sack's contents, he informs you that it and its bearer are bound for the beaches of Saltwind's Welcome. You and Nashu must make haste, before the inspector comes to harm!
  • From the shadows at Saltwind's Welcome, you watch as your quarry removes a comatose Hildibrand from his sack and offers the body to Jubraca─a revelation that is not surprising in the least given the merchant's previous chicanery. Moments later, he is joined by Doctor Lugae, an amalgamation of flesh and metal that you vaguely recall besting in the Tower of Babil. The doctor, who specializes in the creation of artificial lifeforms, seeks the perfect physical specimen for use in his experiments─Hildibrand, apparently.
You and Nashu rush to your comrade's defense, prompting Lugae to attempt to flee with his prize, but a skillful toss of the spirit vessel serves to awaken the inspector. After an impressive display of agility, Hildibrand somehow finds himself atop Lugae's head, and subsequently triggers one of the doctor's shoulder-mounted missiles to launch. Straddling the projectile, the inspector is propelled beyond the heavens and briefly into the void beyond, before he begins his rapid descent. In a fit of desperation, Hildibrand mashes buttons on the missile itself, redirecting its course at the last instant into the fleeing Lugae's face.
When the ashes have settled, Lugae's head and Jubraca are taken into custody by the local authorities, while the miraculously not-dead Hildibrand dusts himself off and poses proudly atop the sands. His moment of triumph is short-lived, however, as a curious flying vessel not unlike the ones described by Delion descends from the heavens and entraps him with a beam of light before flying off to gods-know-where...
  • As she gazes at the sky, a dejected Nashu laments the inspector's disappearance after an all-too-brief reunion. With the excitement at an end for the time being, you follow her back to Radz–at–Han to offer what emotional support you may.
  • Nashu has never been one to remain in poor spirits for long, and so she vows to search high and low for information that will lead her to the abducted Hildibrand. Thanking you for your assistance, she bids you lend your aid once more when─not if─she finds herself with a credible lead.