The Last Straw

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The Last Straw
Type Kill Enemies
Location Western La Noscea - Quarterstone (x33,y29)
Level 12
Duration 15m
Enemies Dodo's Nest, Wild Dodo
Description What nature did not reclaim of Quarterstone after the Calamity, the dodos did, but now it is time to take the land back. Destroy the nests and drive the cloudkin from the fields, so that the settlers might piece back together their lives.
Rewards  ??
Experience 3,937
Gil 24
Company Seals 69
The Last Straw is a level 12 Kill Enemies FATE in Western La Noscea - Quarterstone (x33,y29).

Tips and Tricks

This FATE is amazing if you want to farm some dodo materials - kill dodos that spawn instead of nests, because FATE objective are the nests.

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