The Coliseum Conundrum

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The Coliseum Conundrum

The Coliseum Conundrum.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:14.0, Y:10.0)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
The Trouble with Truffles
Next quest
Shades of Sil'dih

Briardien has seen enough incompetence for the day.

— In-game description







  • Briardien has seen enough incompetence for the day.
  • Frustrated at yet another interruption at the hands of his nemesis Hildibrand, Briardien has resolved to continue the investigation at the Coliseum, where the Mythril Cup melee will soon begin. Return and speak with Dour Meadow.
  • The Mythril Cup melee commences! With the other combatants distracted in the heat of battle, Ultros attempts to employ the gold truffles he purchased from Syntgoht to elicit a mighty sneeze from his friend Typhon─the power behind Avila's so-called Tempest Blade. However, the purple fiend only succeeds in getting the fungi roasted to savory perfection by the unwitting Hildibrand. Inspector Briardien swiftly observes the Ala Mhigan gladiatrix's suspicious movements, shortly thereafter revealing Typhon and the conspirators' scheme for all to see. Ultros squirms out of responsibility by assigning all the blame to Avila, successfully convincing Dour Meadow to hold a final event among those who still remain standing in the wake of the storm. Speak with Briardien before departing for the climactic confrontation.
  • Less than impressed at the octopus's machinations, Briardien expresses his confidence in your ability to make some sense out of this madness. Make for Halatali and speak with Dour Meadow when you are ready to do battle.
  • The final battle for the Mythril Cup─and the priceless relic sought by the phantom thief─will pit you and seven of your comrades against the dastardly duo of Ultros and Typhon in a special arena known as the Dragon's Neck. Who will remain standing when the storms subside? The challenge awaits!
    • ※The Dragon's Neck can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You succeed in making seafood soup out of Ultros and his oversized companion. Speak with Inspector Briardien, who will doubtless be pleased with your efforts.
  • Briardien praises you for your efforts, which he hopes will serve to keep the priceless relic out of the grasp of the many-faced thief. Return to the Coliseum and speak with Dour Meadow to claim your hard-earned spoils.
  • No sooner had the award ceremony begun than does the phantom thief make his grand entrance. Hildibrand confronts him, only to find his path obstructed by a spear cast by Gilgamesh, who has returned to avenge the defeat he suffered at your hands. Hildibrand moves quickly, deftly disarming his erstwhile traveling companion. As the hulking duelist angrily chases the inspector about the Coliseum, the phantom thief takes advantage of the chaos, dropping from the rafters a single gold truffle. Its aroma tickles the sensitive nose of Typhon, the resulting sneeze sending the ring soaring through the air. Just as Hildibrand has given up hope, Godbert returns, seizing his son by the legs and hurling him heavensward─and clear through the Coliseum roof─with truly Mandervillian strength. Events take another turn when the victor's ring is revealed as a fake, and the thief produces a common key and declares his intentions to claim the true treasure─the Ring of Inquiry, sat safely in the storehouse as a consolation prize. Upon hearing this, Dour Meadow panics and calls for the Stone Torches to pursue, but it is for naught, as the fiend absconds with the priceless relic. As Inspector Briardien and Ellie ponder what has transpired, a massive challenge card falls from above, and another mighty sneeze─this time from Nashu─sends it toppling over the unfortunate Hildibrand. The message speaks of four sacred treasures and justice served, which Godbert recognizes as a reference to an old legend from the times of the Belah'dians. Inspector Briardien and Ellie muse that the thief holds a deep-seated grudge against the wealthy and the powerful, but other than that, it is not immediately evident where the thief intends to strike next...