Swethryk Brookstone

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The Grand Serpent Marshal of Order of the Twin Adder and brother to Captain Swethyna of the Wood Wailers, Swethryk Brookstone once enjoyed fame as a master of the lance, and even served as captain of the Wood Wailers. During a skirmish with the Ixal, however, he lost one eye when taking a blow meant for another of his men. Swethryk subsequently left the Wailers and devoted himself to training the next generation in the Lancers' Guild. Upon the establishment of Gridania's Grand Company, Swethryk's experience with command and grasp of tactics made him the perfect candidate for Grand Serpent Marshal. Wise in the ways of war where Kan-E-Senna is not, he is one of the Elder Seedseer's dearest advisors, and his hand has guided the Order through Carteneau and Gridania's other hard-fought battles. When younger, the Grand Marshal of Midlander descent would spend his time off duty indulging in wine and women; however, now having seen forty-two summers come and go, he is content whittling wood into toys for the city-state's orphans.