Sen & Kenki Gauge

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Sen & Kenki Gauge is Samurai's Job Gauge.

Sen Gauge

Upon learning the action Gekko at level 30, the Sen Gauge will be displayed. Learning Kasha at level 40 unlocks second Sen and Yukikaze at level 50 unlocks final Sen.

Using certain combo actions will accumulate up to three different Sen:

Additionally, using Meikyo Shisui allows you to use last weaponskill of the combo without actually executing full combo, while still granting you Sen.

Sen can be used to perform different Iaijutsu moves, depending how many Sen has Samurai accumulated: one for Higanbana (damage over time), two for Tenka Goken (AoE attack), and three for Midare Setsugekka (single-target attack).

Sen gauge pve1.png

Simple Mode

Sen gauge pve simple mode1.png

Kenki Gauge

Upon learning the trait Kenki Mastery, the Kenki Gauge will be displayed, indicating the amount of Kenki you have accumulated.

Kenki is accumulated upon executing certain weaponskills and by ability Ikishoten. Kenki can be used to execute actions Hissatsu: Shinten, Hissatsu: Kyuten, Hissatsu: Senei, Hissatsu: Guren, Hissatsu: Yaten and Hissatsu: Gyoten.

Kenki gauge pve1.png

Simple Mode

Kenki gauge pve simple mode1.png