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This is a guider covering basic mechanics for Scholars, updated for Shadowbringers.


  • Your basic damage spell is Ruin.png  Ruin (later upgraded to Broil.png  Broil (Lv. 54)) and your DoT spell is Bio.png  Bio.
    • Keep your DoT ticking on the enemy; reapply it when it is about to fall off.
    • Like all healers, keep spamming your basic damage spell when you don't need to use a healing GCD; optimize your healing so that you can deal as much damage as possible.
  • Your AoE damage spell is Art of War.png  Art of War (Lv. 46). Walk into the middle of mob pulls and spam it.
  • You can always use Energy Drain.png  Energy Drain (Lv. 45) to squeeze in some extra damage when Aetherflow.png  Aetherflow (Lv. 45) is back and you still have stacks left.
  • Keep using Chain Strategem.png  Chain Strategem (Lv. 66) on cooldown to boost your party's DPS.
  • Ruin II.png  Ruin II gives you time to walk/use oGCDs, but it is otherwise weaker.


There are two types of healing:

  • with Spells, which puts you on the global cooldown (GCD), thus costing you and your party one Broil's worth of damage as well as your MP;
  • or with Abilities, which are off the global cooldown (oGCD) and are free in terms of MP.

oGCDs are further divided into two types:

  • Fairy healing (abilities that cause your fairy to heal);
  • Aetherflow healing (which consumes Aetherflow stacks generated by Aetherflow.png  Aetherflow or Dissipation.png  Dissipation).

A good scholar manages their fairy abilities and Aetherflow so as to maximize oGCD healing potential.


  • Your fairy constantly auto-heals damaged party members.
  • She is not affected by the battle.
  • There is no difference between Eos and Selene.
  • Effective and frequent use of fairy healing spells is a significant boon to the Scholar.
    • Whispering Dawn-pet.png  Whispering Dawn (Lv. 20) is a great free AoE heal - it doesn't cost you any mana or cast time.
    • Fey Illumination-pet.png  Fey Illumination (Lv. 40) can mitigate raidwide damage and help you top off your allies after.
    • Aetherpact (scholar).png  Aetherpact (Lv. 70) forces your fairy to repeatedly heal a target, probably the tank; excellent for tankbusters and large pulls.
      • It consumes 10 Faerie Gauge per heal; each use of Aetherflow generates 10 Faerie Gauge.
      • Note that any other fairy healing abilities will interrupt Aetherpact.
    • Fey Blessing.png  Fey Blessing (Lv. 76) is an almost-free AoE heal, consuming only 10 Faerie Gauge.
    • Summon Seraph.png  Summon Seraph (Lv. 80) adds shields to her auto-heal, and lets you use two AoE heal+shields for free within its 30 second duration.
  • Dissipation.png  Dissipation (Lv. 60) removes the fairy temporarily, giving you three Aetherflow stacks and bonus healing. She'll come back after Dissipation is over.
  • You can place the fairy at the center of the boss arena, but don't forget to get her to follow you again before you leave or she'll be unsummoned.


All of the following cost 1 Aetherflow to cast:

  • Lustrate.png  Lustrate (Lv. 45) is a spammable single-target heal.
  • Indomitability.png  Indomitability (Lv. 52) is a potent AoE heal, but it is on a 30s cooldown.
  • Excogitation.png  Excogitation (Lv. 62) lasts for 45 seconds and automatically triggers a strong heal on the target when they are below 50%. It should be used as much on cooldown.
    • Note that it does not trigger if an attack would bring the target from above 50% to 0% instantly - the target would die.
    • It is a great candidate for Recitation.png  Recitation (Lv. 74).
  • Sacred Soil.png  Sacred Soil (Lv. 50) reduces party damage taken, but it becomes truly useful at Lv. 78, when it gains a regen effect.

Healing GCDs

  • Physick.png  Physick is your basic small heal.
    • Unless you are completely drained of MP and have no other healing abilities, casting Physick is a waste of time.
  • Adloquium.png  Adloquium is your basic heal+shield, with a chance of becoming much more powerful under a critical hit.
    • Recitation.png  Recitation (Lv. 74) guarantees that critical hit.
    • Deployment Tactics.png  Deployment Tactics (Lv. 58) can be used to distribute the Adloquium shield to nearby party members, though the range is limited.
  • Succor.png  Succor is a small AoE heal+shield.
    • Emergency Tactics.png  Emergency Tactics (Lv. 58) can turn the shield of Succor and Adloquium into healing, which can be useful if you need to cast Succor on the party twice in a tight spot.

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