Scared Straightheart

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Scared Straightheart
Type Defend
Location Yanxia - Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x26.4,y9.3)
Level 67
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Gaei Straightheart
Enemies Lupin Freeblade
Description While indeed many of the Lupin can prove difficult or even deadly, Gaei Straightheart is an honorable youth with a passion to right wrongs and defend those unable to defend themselves. That said, his passion for do-goodery oft runs him afoul with less-than-savory characters-characters not unlike those surrounding him now...
Experience 40,338
Gil 134
Company Seals 385
Next FATE Wolves of a Feather
Scared Straightheart is a level 67 Defend FATE in Yanxia - Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x26.4,y9.3).

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