Red Mage Endgame Rotations

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NOTE: This guide is outdated and not updated for Shadowbringers. Do not follow this.


Opener: Embolden.png -> Fleche.png -> Contre Sixte.png -> Acceleration.png -> Jolt II.png -> Veraero.png or Verthunder.png

Ranged Rotation: (whichever is ready) Verstone.png or Verfire.png (if neither are ready) Jolt II.png (or Impact.png if ready) -> (white magic is lower Veraero.png) or (black magic is lower Verthunder.png ->... -> (if off cooldown)(Manafication.png when white and black magic are at 40 or higher)

Melee Rotation:
When black and white magic are at least 80 and one magic is higher than the other
Corps-a-corps.png -> Enchanted Riposte.png -> Enchanted Zwercchau.png -> link:Redoublement -> Displacement.png -> (Verholy.png if white magic is lower) or (Verflare.png if black magic is lower) -> Acceleration.png -> Jolt II.png (or Impact.png if ready) -> (which ever isnt ready) Veraero.png or Verthunder.png -> (Resume ranged rotation)


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