Old Bucket of Boruta

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Old Bucket of Boruta
Type Kill Boss
Location The Lochs - The Queen's Gardens (x30.0,y15.0)
Level 69
Duration  ?m
Enemies Boruta
Description Locals say that only after a young maiden-grief-stricken upon learning that her father had promised her to an evil baron-flung herself from Lochwatch did the rogue rafflesia Boruta begin terrorizing the region. Is the seedkin a manifestation of the girl's anguish, or simply a creature invigorated after supping on the girl's spilled humours? Does it even matter? The flower is eating children!
Experience 108,135
Gil 138
Company Seals 396
Old Bucket of Boruta is a level 69 Kill Boss FATE in The Lochs - The Queen's Gardens (x30.0,y15.0).

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