No Lip

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No Lip
Type Collect Items
Location Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore (x32,y24)
Level 33
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Oyster Hunter
Delivery NPC Oyster Hunter
Items Needed Rainbowlip Oyster
Enemies Colibri
Description The Bloodshore colibri are devouring the area's rainbowlip oysters, leaving none for the poor young women who maintain their livelihood by selling the shells to Ul'dahn golsmiths. Slay the gluttonous birds and retrieve the shells from the corpses' bellies.
Rewards  ??
Experience 10,120
Gil 58
Company Seals 167
No Lip is a level 33 Collect Items FATE in Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore (x32,y24).

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