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Nagxia is a small region to the south of the One River in Othard. The tropical region is known for high temperatures and humidity. Due to the temperate climate and constant deluge, the area is unfit for most farming or industry. However, with the land being so dense with jungle, it has acted as a barrier to the Garlean Empire and prevented them from fully invading the land. During the initial invasion and uprisings, the people of Nagxia used the jungles to wage guerrilla warfare against the Garlean Empire's forces.

Though the invasion attempts were often stopped in Nagxia, the Empire was still able to seize control of Othard and bring the nation under its control. The area was ruled by Noah van Gabranth, and was occupied for more than thirty years. During the occupation, the village of Bunlai was obliterated for opposing the Garlean Empire. Later, the Nagxian Resistance would use the area to continue the fight against the Empire, joining with Dagluk, another settlement that was wiped out, and then go on to help take back Castrum Viride. Later, the Nagxian Resistance would help at the final battle of the Bozjan Resistance at the Dalriada.

During the occupation, the people of Doma who were caught acting as part of a resistance were often sent to labor camps as punishment and were forced to work in grueling conditions, often resulting in death.