Minotaurs on My Mind

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Minotaurs on My Mind
Type Kill Boss
Location The Lochs - The High Bank (x26.4,y32.1)
Level 69
Duration  ?m
Enemies Asterion
Description Until a fortnight ago, many Ala Mhigans believed minotaurs to be naught more than stories told to keep children from exploring the deadly caves surrounding the Lochs. When children began disappearing, people still blamed the caves, boarding their entrances so as to discourage the curious. When a giant minotaur was seen carrying a young Lalafell into the night, however, people finally knew Asterion was real.
Experience 108,135
Gil 138
Company Seals 396
Minotaurs on My Mind is a level 69 Kill Boss FATE in The Lochs - The High Bank (x26.4,y32.1).

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