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Female ♀
Hyur (Highlander)
Thavnair (25.8,34.6)
Gemstone Trader

Interested in something? Don't have much on offer now, I grant you, but that makes choosing that much easier, right? Well, out stock'll improve once Thavnair's stable again.

— In-game description

Mahveydah is a Hyur found in Thavnair.

Items For Sale

Rank 1

Item Type Cost
Gaja hide icon1.png   Gaja Hide Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2
Kumbhira skin icon1.png   Kumbhira Skin Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2
Hamsa tenderloin icon1.png   Hamsa Tenderloin Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2
Amra icon1.png   Amra Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2

Rank 2

Item Type Cost
Thavnair riding map icon1.png   Thavnair Riding Map Other Bicolor Gemstone 70
Triple Triad Card r4.png   Daivadipa Card Triple Triad Card Bicolor Gemstone 300

Rank 3

Item Type Cost
Divine words orchestrion roll icon1.png   Divine Words Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Bicolor Gemstone 350
Prayers repeated orchestrion roll icon1.png   Prayers Repeated Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Bicolor Gemstone 350
Thavnairian dhow icon1.png   Thavnairian Dhow Other Bicolor Gemstone 100

Additional Information

  • Rank 1 is unlocked automatically once players unlock the vendor.
  • Rank 2 requires players to complete 6 FATEs in XYZ with the highest rating.
  • Rank 3 requires players to complete 60 FATEs in XYZ with the highest rating.