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Laying the Past to Rest

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Laying the Past to Rest

Quest giver
Blasphemy Hunter
The Lochs (X:36.3, Y:31.7)
Quest line
Endwalker Role Quests
Healer role.png Healer
Experience 501,600
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestA New Battleground
Next quest
Feature QuestTrail of Skulls

Arenvald wishes to put your considerable reputation to good use.

— In-game description



  • Arenvald wishes to put your considerable reputation to good use.
  • The blasphemy hunter informs you that Arenvald's preparations for the memorial ceremony proceed apace. You have been called to assist in the delivery of invitations to an explanatory meeting, despite you being somewhat overqualified for such an endeavor.
  • Arenvald has delivered most of the aforementioned invitations, leaving only M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha, leaders of communities located in the Fringes with whom you are acquainted. Although there is a strong chance they will refuse to attend a ceremony that involves mourning the deaths of Ala Mhigans branded traitors, Arenvald believes your presence might tip the scales. In addition to the basic details of the invitations themselves, he has also provided a brief but heartfelt treatise. Even should his offer be declined, the invitees will at least comprehend his reasons for hosting the event.
  • M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha both have serious reservations regarding the ceremony, and initially had their minds set on refusing the invitation. However, upon reading Arenvald's letter, they reconsider the proposal, and finally agree to attend. In addition, each states their eagerness to meet the author of the letter, which appears to have had a profound effect on them.
  • Arenvald is delighted to hear that you have succeeded in persuading the two village leaders to join the explanatory meeting. With most of the preparations in order, he asks that you go on ahead to the Royal Palace and wait for the other guests to arrive.
  • Now that delegates from each of the Ala Mhigan communities have arrived in the Royal Palace, Raganfrid opens the proceedings. Several guests are quick to voice their objections to the memorial ceremony, and for a few moments, it seems that the differences of opinion may be irreconcilable after all. Raubahn cuts through the din of bickering voices to state his intent, which goes some way to easing the tension in the room, though a few remain unconvinced. It is then that Arenvald takes the floor, delivering an impassioned speech which seems to have won over the naysayers. The discussion then turns from the “why” of the ceremony to the “how” as they set about deciding the finer details of the event.
  • Raubahn is heartened by the outcome of the meeting, and is cautiously optimistic that Arenvald will make a success of the memorial ceremony. He also explains that Fordola's presence has been requested in Ala Gannha, where she is to meet the girl she had previously saved, and the child's mother.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from the blasphemy hunter upon reaching level 89 in any healer class.