Iron Contra Affair

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Iron Contra Affair
Type Collect Items
Location Western La Noscea - Skull Valley (x28,y24)
Level 18
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Yellowjacket Captain
Friendly NPC Yellowjacket
Delivery NPC Yellowjacket Captain
Items Needed Crate of Contraband
Enemies Goblin Trader
Description Goblins from Iron Lake, now encamped in Skull Valley, are peddling items strictly prohibited by thalassocratic decree. Yellowjackets stationed in the area are seeking to confiscate the contraband and are entreating adventurers for aid.
Rewards  ??
Experience 5,670
Gil 36
Company Seals 103
Iron Contra Affair is a level 18 Collect Items FATE in Western La Noscea - Skull Valley (x28,y24).

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