IIIrd Legion

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The IIIrd Legion was once one of the main vanguards for the Garlean Empire. Though they fought and served under Emperor Varis zos Galvus, they were mostly funded by Nerva yae Galvus and the house of Brutus. When the Emperor was murdered, they fought hard against the Ist Legion for the throne. It was later discovered that they were involved in the coup detat that threw Garlemald into a civil war. When the Telophoroi used the power of Anima to enthrall the nation, almost the entire IIIrd Legion was Tempered. They immediately began killing all who managed to avoid the Primals power. Under the effects of Anima's Tempering, the members of the IIIrd tore apart the city and constructed the tower of Babil to broadcast the Primals tempering power. Most of them were wiped out when the Grand Company of Eorzea infiltrated the Tower and eradicated Anima.