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How the West Was Sung

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How the West Was Sung

Quest giver
Wandering Minstrel
Tuliyollal (X:11.2, Y:14.7)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestDawntrail

No description available.

— In-game description

How the West Was Sung is a level 100 quasi-quest that serves as an unlock method for extreme-difficulty trials in Dawntrail. There are no steps to this quest: talking to the questgiver both accepts and completes the quest.

Though the quest is "completed" upon talking to the Wandering Minstrel, players must go back and talk to him again each time they complete the necessary prerequisites in order to unlock the associated extreme-difficulty encounter.



Wandering Minstrel: My word─is that you, Forename!? I am overjoyed that fate would arrange this meeting, though I am not surprised. When I heard tell of your journey with Wuk Lamat, I had a feeling it would only be a matter of time until we crossed paths.
Wandering Minstrel: What am I doing in Tural, you ask? Why, I am come in search of unusual and fantastic stories that I may weave into songs, to spin tales that will enchant crowds the world over.
Wandering Minstrel: And this land has proven to be a treasure trove of folktales and legends unlike any that can be found across the sea. I have set each and every one to memory, and my head is swimming with new verses...
Wandering Minstrel: Yet for all the myths newly added to my repertoire, I still yearn for tales of newfound adventure. Tales involving parties that yet live─preferably recounted by someone with firsthand experience!
Wandering Minstrel: ...And you are just such a man/woman! Pray share with me everything that happened since you set foot in Tural, and I shall set it to song.
Wandering Minstrel: Every trial you endured during the rite of succession, every blood-curdling moment of your assault upon the levin-shrouded dome─I beg you spare no detail.
Wandering Minstrel: Your words will lend texture to my melodies and substance to my lyrics! Oh, I have a feeling my most memorable work is soon to come!
Wandering Minstrel: Of course, I understand you may not have the time at present. I shall be here for a while yet, polishing my prose to a mirror sheen. Simply come to me when you have a story to share, and I shall listen in rapt attention.

Talk about Valigarmanda.

Wandering Minstrel: So, what have you brought for me today?
Wandering Minstrel: You did battle with Valigarmanda!? The tural vidraal of legend, dubbed the Skyruin, who ruled the heavens by beak and talon. Many are the legend of this beast among beasts, but I would wager the telling of your battle is more thrilling than the most harrowing tales!
Wandering Minstrel: By the hands of a devious scoundrel was the seal put in place by Gulool Ja Ja broken, and thus was the living calamity unleashed again upon the world...only to be struck down by Wuk Lamat and her mighty companion!
Wandering Minstrel: This glimpse into the events of the rite of succession shall provide me with more than enough inspiration for my next song. Thank you for sharing it with me, Forename.
Wandering Minstrel: By the by, do you know the meaning of the term “tural vidraal”?
Wandering Minstrel: In the language of the Mamool Ja, it means “that which clings to the earth.” A fitting description for beings powerful enough to claim an entire continent as their territory. And Valigarmanda was said to be the most formidable among them.
Wandering Minstrel: Though you emerged victorious, the fiend was but recently roused from slumber. What do you suppose would have happened had Valigarmanda been given sufficient time to regain its strength?
Wandering Minstrel: Hah, such questions are why we have imaginations, yes? And imagine I shall... The mightiest heroes of Etheirys matched against the full fury of Valigarmanda. A story for the ages!

Talk about Zoraal Ja.

Wandering Minstrel: So, what have you brought for me today?
Wandering Minstrel: Ah, the final moments of the former Dawnservant's firstborn. His story gives rise to a complex mixture of emotions, and it would be insulting to call it something so trite as an adventurous tale.
Wandering Minstrel: As the only true son of Gulool Ja Ja, he doubtless felt a heavy burden of responsibility to be deemed worthy of succeeding his father. This weight was likely made all the more stifling by the fact he had but one head.
Wandering Minstrel: And so he sought great power to make up for his perceived shortcomings. Yet he could never quite live up to the expectations he set for himself, and in his blind pursuit, he stepped upon a crooked path...
Wandering Minstrel: For thirty long years did he keep company with anger in that dome... Yet no amount of anguish can justify the countless lives he stole. 
Wandering Minstrel: You know what I believe, Forename? I believe the moment Zoraal Ja killed his own father, whose admiration he fought so hard to win, his life lost all meaning.
Wandering Minstrel: His sins cannot be forgiven, 'tis true. Yet his story is a tragic one, and I suspect each of us can see parts of ourselves reflected within it. 
Wandering Minstrel: Thank you for sharing it with me. A dark shadow loomed over the rite of succession, and we would do best not to forget he who cast it.
Wandering Minstrel: While many will view Zoraal Ja as a murderer and tyrant, reducing him to a mindless villain will blunt the impact of the lessons we can learn from his fate. This is a tale that must be told with great care...


Wandering Minstrel: Have you come here to share a heroic yarn with me, Forename? Please, do go on─you have my rapt attention.
Wandering Minstrel: ...Ah, I understand. You have no tales worth telling─yet, that is. I know for certain 'tis but a matter of time until you are thrust into the heart of matters most dramatic.
Wandering Minstrel: Fortunately, the denizens of this city are great lovers of tall tales and thrilling verse. They simply cannot hear enough of your exploits, Forename! Thank you for being my ever-dependable muse.