Goodwill Hunterling

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Goodwill Hunterling
Type Kill Boss
Location Yanxia - Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x26.4,y9.3)
Level 67
Duration  ?m
Friendly NPC Pack Lupin, Veteran of the Fierce
Enemies Lupin Freeblade, Wakizashi the Hunterling
Description Seeing their fortunes falter with the arrival of Gaei's pack, Straightheart's assailants summon forth their final weapon-an ill-reputed Kojin mercenary known as Wakizashi the Hunterling. Put him down, and the rest may finally admit defeat.
Experience 145,665
Gil 134
Company Seals 385
Previous FATE Wolves of a Feather
Goodwill Hunterling is a level 67 Kill Boss FATE in Yanxia - Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x26.4,y9.3).

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