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Fruits of Her Labor

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Fruits of Her Labor

Quest giver
Yanxia (X:30.8, Y:20.3)
Quest line

Experience 10,800
Gil 1,262
Previous quest
Gone Like the Morning Dew
Next quest
Conscripts and Contingencies

Hien's face is a picture of relief.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Hien.
  • Speak with Hien at the Kienkan.
  • Speak with Hien.


There are no journal entries for this quest.


Accepting the Quest

Azami: I'm not scared of her. Not anymore.

Isse: I can't forget what that woman did to us, but I won't do anything to upset Azami.

Yotsuyu: I don't know why everyone is so angry, but I got the fruit Gosetsu wanted. I hope he likes it...

Yugiri: All of this over a persimmon... I failed to consider how she might endanger herself. Knowing she has the mind of a child, I should have continued my vigilance─not relaxed it.

Hien: <sigh> That...would have been better avoided. But at least it did not end in bloodshed. And judging by Tsuyu's reaction, she remains oblivious to the events of her former life. This was no escape attempt.

Yugiri: Nay, it seems it was an offhand request of Gosetsu's which brought her to Namai. She came in search of a persimmon.

Hien: Hah! And they say fruit is good for the health... I do hope Gosetsu finds the taste to his liking.

Hien: Well, we have certainly taken the long way around, but let us continue on to Castrum Fluminis and our meeting with the ambassador. Alphinaud and Alisaie should still be there, conducting their search.

At Castrum Fluminis

Alisaie: I was sure Yotsuyu had fled, but it seems her memory hasn't returned after all. How foolish of me not to consider Gosetsu's craving for seasonal fruit...

Yugiri: The imperial airship has arrived. Whether our conscripts are aboard remains to be seen...

Alphinaud: Lord Hien informed us of the uproar at Namai. Thank the Twelve you found Yotsuyu when you did. I dare not think what might have happened had you not.

Yotsuyu: Do we have to stay here long? He'll be waiting for his fruit...

Hien: It seems our imperial guests have already arrived. 'Tis time to meet with the ambassador...

Asahi: What a pleasure it is to see you once more, Lord Hien. Not to mention my dear sister.

Hien: A pleasure to see you too, Ambassador. Forgive us our late arrival.

Hien: You have our people aboard the airship?

Asahi: Exactly as agreed. We would leave you in no doubt as to the purity of our intentions. I daresay it was the selfsame spirit of cooperation which prompted you to bring Yotsuyu here today.

Hien: Indeed. Before excluding her from the exchange, I thought it only fair that you see her condition for yourself. Physically, she is in fine health, but her mind is unchanged.

Asahi: So I see.

Asahi: But all need not necessarily be lost. In anticipation of this tragic turn of events, I took the liberty of inviting some special guests...

Asahi's Father: Ah, Yotsuyu! You look...well.

Hien: Of all the people...

Asahi: Is something wrong, dear sister? These are our beloved parents. Does not the sight of them bring back sweet childhood memories?

Yotsuyu: ...Gosetsu. I have to take this to Gosetsu...

Asahi: Hmph. It would seem my little surprise was not sufficient.

Asahi: You needn't glare at me so, Lord Hien─I merely did what any loving son would do for his family. Lest you doubt, I am content to leave the acting viceroy in your care. Pray treat her as you would any daughter of Doma.

Asahi: Do not grow too fond of this place, dear sister. You will come back to us ere long.

Hien: We continue with the exchange as planned, then.

Asahi: Very good. The structure across the river should serve our needs. We shall await you there with the conscripts if you would bring your captives...? Hien: Agreed. Until then, Ambassador.

Hien: I knew better than to trust Asahi, but that was a dirty trick.

Hien: Still, unpleasant as it was, we have at least put the matter of Tsuyu's future to rest. I have sent her back to the enclave with Yugiri to give Gosetsu his precious persimmon.

Hien: Come, let us follow them.

Alisaie: You have that look, Alphinaud. What is it?

Alphinaud: Oh, nothing of consequence, most like... We can discuss it upon our return.

At the Kienkan

Alisaie: I suppose “Tsuyu” is to become an official Doman citizen. But what then? Will they keep her hidden here forever? Or might she one day be allowed to walk amongst her countrymen?

Alphinaud: ...So, it would seem there will be one less prisoner at the exchange. I only hope Yotsuyu's presence here will not present further problems...

Hien: We should pay a visit to Gosetsu, and reassure him about Tsuyu's fate. He will want to know that the Empire has finally relinquished its claim on her.

Hien: Gosetsu, are you awake?

Gosetsu: My lord! Come in, come in...

Gosetsu: When Tsuyu returned, her eyes were red from weeping. She spoke not a word─simply sat and peeled some fruit she'd brought for me.

Gosetsu: She then claimed weariness and retired to her chamber. Tell me, what happened to upset her so?

Hien: The ambassador arranged a surprise reunion with her foster parents. A misguided attempt to restore Yotsuyu to her senses.

Hien: It was plain their presence caused her great distress, but she seemed otherwise unaffected.

Alisaie: Yotsuyu was mistreated as a child, was she not? It was a cruel trick to use her tormentors like that, knowing the pain it could cause.

Gosetsu: Hmph. I like this Asahi less and less...

Hien: Be that as it may, he has agreed to allow Yotsuyu to remain with us in Doma. Our primary concern now is to hand over the prisoners without incident, and bring our people safely home.

Alphinaud: There was one other detail at the meeting which caught my attention.

Alphinaud: I assume you all noticed the rather suspect crates within the castrum? The imperials were quick to retrieve them afterwards, but I wonder...

Alisaie: Out with it, Brother. You fear they might contain bombs or war machines?

Hien: If the ambassador wanted me dead, he has had ample opportunity. No, assassination is not his intent, but we should be on our guard for other acts of treachery.

Maidservant: My lord! Forgive me, but the lady Yotsuyu─she's gone!

Gosetsu: Gone!?

Maidservant: I beg your pardons, my lords. I was certain she had fallen asleep...

Hien: No, no, the responsibility is mine. 'Twas I who gave her a room instead of a cell.

Hien: She may simply have wandered outside. We will organize search parties.

Hien: Might I call upon your assistance?

???: Help... Help...

The Vision

Asahi's Father: Help... Help me...

Yotsuyu: If only I hadn't remembered.

Yotsuyu: He should hate me.

Yotsuyu: But I will not suffer his kindness. Not after what I did to him.

Asahi's Father: Who's there!?

Asahi's Mother: <gasp> ...Oh, it's you. What are you doing out here in the dark?

Asahi's Father: This is the enclave, is it? When the soldiers dragged us back to Doma, you were the last person I expected to see.

Asahi's Mother: You're the bane of our existence, Yotsuyu! A font of misery!

Asahi's Mother: You couldn't even do us the simple courtesy of dying, could you! Oh no, you had to live and taint us with the shame of your failure!

Asahi's Mother: We had a perfect life in the capital! And now they're making us wallow in this muddy ruin like common swine! I don't deserve this!

Asahi's Father: Now, now, dear, that'll do. There seems little point in berating the girl when she scarcely remembers her own name. Our time would be better spent contemplating how we're to survive this unhappy predicament.

Asahi's Father: You've kept your looks at least. I suspect you'd fetch a handsome price with the right buyer. Maybe enough to get us to Kugane and start a new business...

Yotsuyu: Ah, my beloved parents. No sooner do I wake from gentle slumber than the world returns in all its cruelty. Yes, this is how it always was. How it was meant to be.

Yotsuyu: Very well. If I cannot escape my nature, then I shall embrace it.

Yotsuyu: To the very depths I have sunk, my soul steeped in spite and rotten to the core. The self-righteous hide behind “justice,” but I need no such mask.

Yotsuyu: Father. Mother. Was it not you who made me into this monster? Who taught me the truth of this miserable world?

Yotsuyu: For years I knew naught but the taste of pain and humiliation, but the time has come to savor my vengeance against Doma. Against all my enemies.

Yotsuyu: And it begins...with you!

Asahi's Father: Yotsuyu...?

Asahi's Father: What...?

Asahi: Well done, dear sister. Did I not say you would come back to us?

Yotsuyu: Brother dearest. What a surprise.

Yotsuyu: You always were a cold-blooded little worm. I doubt you thought twice about sending our parents to their deaths.

Asahi: Your dagger yet drips with their blood and you presume to judge me? To be frank, I didn't think you had the strength to slay them so cleanly. A single thrust each... I'm impressed!

Asahi: But surely you can't be satisfied with murdering a pair of doddering elders. You yearn for a deeper vengeance...and the power to see it through.

The Vision Ends

Asahi's Father: Please... I don't want to die...

Hien: Any sign of her?

Hien: ...What happened here?

Hien: I knew what would happen if she recovered, and still I did nothing. ...You say she left with her brother?

Hien: Whatever he wants with her, he was willing to pay for it with his parents' lives...

Hien: But this is neither the time nor the place. We must gather the others.

Finishing the Quest

Alisaie: So Asahi got his way in the end, and at an unspeakable price. He really is a vile little worm, isn't he.

Yugiri: Yotsuyu hid her recovery well─I had no inkling that her memory had returned. I keep asking myself when it could have happened. At the meeting with her parents, perhaps? But then why would she─? Nay. There is naught to be gained from such conjecture.

Alphinaud: So Yotsuyu has returned to the bosom of the Empire after all. I cannot say I am surprised. But what I struggle to fathom is Asahi's aim in all of this.

Hien: We have recovered the Naeuris' remains, and will hold the cremation anon. <sigh> Would that they had never again set foot in Doma.

Hien: I broke the news to Gosetsu myself. He was...quiet. I think it best that he be allowed some time alone with his thoughts.