Fate No Morpho

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Fate No Morpho
Type Defend
Location The Lochs - Abalathia's Skull (x7.6,y9.5)
Level 69
Duration  ?m
Friendly NPC Royal Morpho
Enemies Abaddon
Description A scholar once claimed that a butterfly flapping its wings in Gyr Abania gave rise to the storms that rocked Othard's eastern shores. If that were true, the amount of flapping caused by the royal morphos trying in vain to escape the gaping maws of hungry abaddons will see Doma under ten yalms of rain by moon's end. Just in case, you may want to slay those abaddons.
Experience 108,135
Gil 138
Company Seals 396
Previous FATE Give Bees a Chance
Fate No Morpho is a level 69 Defend FATE in The Lochs - Abalathia's Skull (x7.6,y9.5).

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