Falling Drown

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Falling Drown
Type Kill Boss
Location Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x18.1,y31.6)
Level 64
Duration  ?m
Enemies Gyogun of the Most Bountiful Catch
Description The day's events have transformed the mild-mannered Gyogun into a quivering mass of uncontrollable rage. If left to his own devices, the Namazu will most certainly cause unintended harm to others, if not himself. Attempts at rational discussion have been met with baleful stares and low growling. It appears the only way to soothe the savage fish may be through a few well-placed wallops to the head.
Experience 129,870
Gil 128
Company Seals 368
Previous FATE A Fish to Fry
Falling Drown is a level 64 Kill Boss FATE in Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x18.1,y31.6).

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