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A Sleep Disturbed

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A Sleep Disturbed

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Quest giver
Crystal Exarch
The Ocular (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 2,760
Previous quest
Facing the Truth
Next quest
An Old Friend

With furrowed brow, the Crystal Exarch deliberates your next move.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Almet at Fanow in Rak'tika.
  • Speak with Almet.
    • ※It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety. A Solo Duty will commence after.
    • Solve the riddles of the huaca!
    • Free your comrades from the talismans!
    • Defeat the huaca!
  • Speak with Almet.


  • Huaca will issue the player with three riddles after turning their allies into talismans; failure to answer correctly will result in loss of a talisman. However, the player will be able to save all lost allies in a second challenge to match talismans. Players should be aware that some matching cards will release monsters to fight.
  • "You trespass, mortal, upon sacred ground. In retribution, four souls have I bound. Yet to heroes proven learned and wise, a comrade's soul shall be their prize. If you would see theirs set free, answer me these riddles three."
1. "Deft of paw, with kin do I vie. Though sought apart, betterment of the whole do our efforts descry."
(Answer: Opo-Opo)
2. "With fearsome fang, I travel with pack. Together we find harmony, and thus for peace our land does not lack."
(Answer : Wolf)
3."On my belly do I crawl. By my strength does prosperity reign within our hall."
(Answer: Serpent)
  • Huaca will then issue the second challenge:
  • "Desire you that which I yet claim? Then we shall play another game...test of mind and memory. Choose wisely, and you all may yet go free. Choose your companions well, or sorrow know."
(This is a game of "Memory" with six cards. Choose two cards. If you match two Huaca cards, you will summon a critter to fight. If you match two Y'shtola cards, you get Y'shtola back and proceed. No match, nothing will happen, just pick again.)
  • A final challenge will be issued where the player and their allies will have to face Huaca.
  • "Your comrades are assembled, together at last...Yet still there remains one trial you must pass. If you would glean the knowledge enshrined in this earth, I would first take the measure of your worth. One worthy of she who the Ronkans extolled, must be strong of mind, body, and soul."


  • With furrowed brow, the Crystal Exarch deliberates your next move.
  • As the Scions discuss how best to prepare for the inevitable Ascian machinations, Y'shtola states that her time would be better spent in the Rak'tika Greatwood. Almet and her sisters have discovered hitherto unexplored chambers in the Qitana Ravel that may offer new insight into the Ascians and their motives. She extends an offer to join, though her tone leaves no room for refusal. And so you depart for Fanow, where Almet is already expecting your arrival.
  • Almet offers you a hearty welcome and explains that the absence of sin eaters in the Greatwood has allowed the Viis to reclaim territory near Rak'tika Falls, which led to the discovery of unexplored ruins within the Qitana Ravel. Now that you have arrived, the time has come to plumb its depths in search of yet more ancient knowledge.
  • Your excursion into the Qitana Ravel proves uneventful. Troublingly so. That is, until Uimet unwittingly picks up an owl statue near a sealed chamber door. The chamber's guardian soon springs to life, the sight of its ferocious frame duly compensating for any lack of danger thus far. Yet for all its strength, it still proves no match for you and your comrades. With its final, shuddering breath, the seal on the chamber door is broken.
  • Within the innermost reaches of the ruins you discover the tomb of the archmage Tiuna, a legendary hero of Ronka. Her mastery of spellcraft was without peer, and it is said she was possessed of a gift suspiciously similar to the Echo. A curious revelation, which proves more than mere coincidence after Y'shtola examines a mural within the chamber. Its inscription suggests this ability was awakened after beholding a starshower. The mural itself depicts a scene not unlike one you witnessed at the start of your adventures many moons ago, and another more recently in Amaurot. This potential link between starshowers and the Echo has given you and Y'shtola much to think about as you return to Fanow.
  • Almet is pleased by your thoughtful expressions and concludes that she has done her duty. She bids you remember the teachings of her forebears, of how all stories change over time, before swearing to preserve the tale of your heroism so long as it remains in living memory.



  1. Prior to instance duty ~5 minutes
  2. After instance duty ~7 minutes