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A Sleep Disturbed

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A Sleep Disturbed

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Quest giver
Crystal Exarch
The Ocular (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 2,760
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestFacing the Truth
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestAn Old Friend

Main Scenario Progress: 662 / 853 (77.6%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 121 / 157 (77.1%)


With furrowed brow, the Crystal Exarch deliberates your next move.

— In-game description


  • ※It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety. A Solo Duty will commence after.
    • Solve the riddles of the huaca!
    • Free your comrades from the talismans!
    • Defeat the huaca!

Huaca will issue the player with three riddles after turning their allies into talismans; failure to answer correctly will result in loss of a talisman. However, the player will be able to save all lost allies in a second challenge to match talismans. Players should be aware that some matching cards will release monsters to fight.

"You trespass, mortal, upon sacred ground. In retribution, four souls have I bound. Yet to heroes proven learned and wise, a comrade's soul shall be their prize. If you would see theirs set free, answer me these riddles three."

1. "Deft of paw, with kin do I vie. Though sought apart, betterment of the whole do our efforts descry."
(Answer: Opo-Opo)
2. "With fearsome fang, I travel with pack. Together we find harmony, and thus for peace our land does not lack."
(Answer : Wolf)
3."On my belly do I crawl. By my strength does prosperity reign within our hall."
(Answer: Serpent)

Huaca will then issue the second challenge: "Desire you that which I yet claim? Then we shall play another game...test of mind and memory. Choose wisely, and you all may yet go free. Choose your companions well, or sorrow know."

(This is a game of "Memory" with six cards. Choose two cards. If you match two Huaca cards, you will summon a critter to fight. If you match two Y'shtola cards, you get Y'shtola back and proceed. No match, nothing will happen, just pick again.)

A final challenge will be issued where the player and their allies will have to face Huaca.

"Your comrades are assembled, together at last...Yet still there remains one trial you must pass. If you would glean the knowledge enshrined in this earth, I would first take the measure of your worth. One worthy of she who the Ronkans extolled, must be strong of mind, body, and soul."



  1. Prior to instance duty ~5 minutes
  2. After instance duty ~7 minutes



  • With furrowed brow, the Crystal Exarch deliberates your next move.
  • As the Scions discuss how best to prepare for the inevitable Ascian machinations, Y'shtola states that her time would be better spent in the Rak'tika Greatwood. Almet and her sisters have discovered hitherto unexplored chambers in the Qitana Ravel that may offer new insight into the Ascians and their motives. She extends an offer to join, though her tone leaves no room for refusal. And so you depart for Fanow, where Almet is already expecting your arrival.
  • Almet offers you a hearty welcome and explains that the absence of sin eaters in the Greatwood has allowed the Viis to reclaim territory near Rak'tika Falls, which led to the discovery of unexplored ruins within the Qitana Ravel. Now that you have arrived, the time has come to plumb its depths in search of yet more ancient knowledge.
  • Your excursion into the Qitana Ravel proves uneventful. Troublingly so. That is, until Uimet unwittingly picks up an owl statue near a sealed chamber door. The chamber's guardian soon springs to life, the sight of its ferocious frame duly compensating for any lack of danger thus far. Yet for all its strength, it still proves no match for you and your comrades. With its final, shuddering breath, the seal on the chamber door is broken.
  • Within the innermost reaches of the ruins you discover the tomb of the archmage Tiuna, a legendary hero of Ronka. Her mastery of spellcraft was without peer, and it is said she was possessed of a gift suspiciously similar to the Echo. A curious revelation, which proves more than mere coincidence after Y'shtola examines a mural within the chamber. Its inscription suggests this ability was awakened after beholding a starshower. The mural itself depicts a scene not unlike one you witnessed at the start of your adventures many moons ago, and another more recently in Amaurot. This potential link between starshowers and the Echo has given you and Y'shtola much to think about as you return to Fanow.
  • Almet is pleased by your thoughtful expressions and concludes that she has done her duty. She bids you remember the teachings of her forebears, of how all stories change over time, before swearing to preserve the tale of your heroism so long as it remains in living memory.


Accepting the quest

Crystal Exarch: You did well to dispel the falsehoods surrounding the Warriors of Light and their actions prior to the Flood. Though I must say the reappearance of Ardbert- or rather, one who appropriated his identity- was a rather curious development. He is an impostor, of that there is no doubt. But to the masses he will appears as a hero returned from the grave. 
Beq Lugg: After the Warriors of Light were laid to rest in Eulmore, the people prayed fervently for the gods to deliver them from their plight. Prayed that these fallen heroes be born again for their sacrifices. What bitter irony. 
Y'shtola: I for one would like to know why Ardbert urged the people to become Warriors of Light themselves. 
Urianger: Ere we take action, we must needs ascertain his intent. Let us pray that Master Alphinaud returneth soon with that most essential knowledge. For now, I think it best to apprise Thancred and Ryne of our efforts. When we do confront Ardbert, we shall no doubt have need of their strength. 
Crystal Exarch: I agree. I think it prudent we all take measures to prepare for what's to come. Beq Lugg and I will continue our research into how we might improve the spirit vessel, that it might one day carry you home. 
Y'shtola: Hmmm... Then I think it time I return to the Greatwood. Until now, everything we have learned of the Ascians has been handed to us at their leisure. But that was one of Emet-Selch's unique failings. I have no reason to think Elidibus will be as forthcoming. Fortunately, I recently received word from Fanow that heretofore unexplored chambers have been discovered deep within the Qitana Ravel. Almet believes the relics within tell of a great calamity that befell an ancient civilization- that of the Ascians, perhaps. They may lead us to the truths we seek.
(Warrior of Light dialogue options)
1. Would you care for company? 
2. Be sure to let me know how that works out.
(Option 1 chosen)
Y'shtola: I wouldn't dream of going without you. When you are ready, make for Fanow. Almet and her sisters will be expecting us.
Urianger: Then let us be about our tasks. Pray give my regards to the Viis.

Speaking with Almet in Fanow

Y'shtola: Let us pray these new ruins are not as unwelcoming as the last. 
Uimet: You look as if you haven't seen us in an age. Is the passage of time really all that different beyond the borders of the Greatwood?
Cymet: The allies of Ronka! My, it feels as if an age has passed sine you last graced us with your presence.
Almet: We have accomplished much since last you came. With the Lightwarden dead and its minions dispersed, we have at last reclaimed our hunting grounds near Rak'tika Falls. It was there that we discovered more ruins. Although we ran afoul of no traps while exploring its halls, we determined that the innermost chambers were warded by magick. We all were in agreement- before any investigation could proceed, you should be summoned. 
Y'shtola: We are grateful that you did. From what you have told me, I strongly suspect that the wisdom my comrades and I seek can be found within. This wisdom could prove invaluable, for we may soon face a foe whose greatest asset is our ignorance. 
Almet: ...I see. Then it is good that you have come. For Ronka was once home to the greatest of weapons- knowledge and understanding. And it is our duty to ensure that you and yours do not want for either. That said, we must proceed with caution. To have reached the inner chambers unmolested suggests a far more formidable deterrent yet lies within. 
Uimet: Come now. Surely any threats sleeping within the ruins pale in comparison to those we have faced thus far. 
Cymet: This is not a game, Sister! You should not be so eager to run headlong into danger!
Uimet: Oh? And who was it pining for the return of our allies that we might venture into the ruins? Clutching at her staff at night, wishing it were-
Cymet: <gasp> You promised not to tell! 
Uimet: Then I suggest we be going. 
Cymet: Get back here! 
Y'shtola: Remind me: exactly how old are you and your sisters? ...On second thought, perhaps it's for the better I do not know. 
Almet: Pray forgive their... overzealous nature. None save we three have been privileged to escort you and yours into the ruins and bear witness to its secrets. Their hearts now burn with a curiosity that is not easily satiated.
Y'shtola: Please, you needn't apologize. As a seeker of knowledge myself, I understand full well their enthusiasm. And if not for your sedulous efforts to protect the ruins, we would not be afforded this opportunity. 
Almet: Speaking of which, I believe I have kept you away from the ruins long enough. Come, let us make for the Qitana Ravel. 

Entering Qitana Ravel/before solo duty

Almet: Come. Our new discoveries are to be found this way. 
(cut to the inside of the ravel where they stand before a statue of a giant beast and a smaller statue of an owl)
Y'shtola: The people of Ronka are known to have venerated animals, but these features do not match those of any indigenous species. This is no common beast. Though that much is plain from its proportions. 
Cymet: Lifelike, is it not? One could almost imagine it breathed. 
Y'shtola: This owl, by contrast, seems no different from the others we've seen.
Almet: The sealed door lies ahead. As you see, one statue is missing. I expect we are meant to replace it, as before. 
Y'shtola: Too simple. There will be some additional defense mechanism. Just a moment- there are words carved into the stone. He... who would disturb... a hero's deserved slumber.... Shall instead... waken the beast... and know... his folly...
(Cymet and Uimet pick up the owl statue from earlier) 
Y'shtola: Wait! Don't! 
(the beast statue from earlier begins coming alive.) 
Uimet: Wh-what? But I only- What is happening!? 
Cymet: Oh no... Oh no, no, no... I-it lives! 
Y'shtola: Why am I not surprised? Prepare yourselves! 

After defeating Huaca

Y'shtola: Would seem the magicks have returned us. How polite. Now, what have we learned? 
Uimet: Oh, we were bound to run into a living statue eventually. And now we can open the door! 
Y'shtola: "He who would disturb a hero's deserved slumber..." A tomb, just as I thought. Befitting a hero. 
Almet: She is a viis! Could it be the archmage Tiuna? A legendary hero of Ronka, as your surmised. The tales tell of how she smote entire armies with a single incantation, so potent was her spellcraft- though she ever fought in the name of peace. 
Uimet: I thought them no more than tales. To think she really existed. 
Cymet: Well, I for one always believed. 
Y'shtola: I wonder... By the light... of fallen stars... great power awakens... 
Almet: Tiuna was not only a master of spellcraft. It is said she could see truths long lost and hear the voices of men's hearts. 
Y'shtola: Naught less than the echo. In which case... none of this is mere coincidence. A shower of stars setting the sky aflame- and in both this world and the Source, we find individuals within whom a mysterious power awakened at the sight. We could never unpick the why of it. Now, however... I believe we might. Does the scene depicted here not resemble the one we saw when we first ventured into the Qitana Ravel? Moreover, does it not recall that which Emet-Selch invited us to witness in Amaurot? The Final Days. If, as the exarch suggests, soul and mind share a fragile yet profound bond, might it not be possible for an event to leave such a deep imprint upon the soul that it could be perceived eons later- given a suitable trigger? The Echo defies explanation by conventional aetherological theory. Or shall we say, modern aetherological theory. But if it is a power that once belong to the ancients, to souls yet undivided... It would seem I have entered the realm of pure speculation. And I call myself a scholar. I shall refrain from making any further wild claims until such time as I have evidence. Still, I cannot choose but be reminded of our experience in Amaurot... 
(Warrior of Light dialogue options) 
1. Then you must recall Emet-Selchs dying request.
2. I will not soon forget it. 
(option 1 chosen) 
Y'shtola: "Remember us."
Almet: "History is learned, not lived." We have always protected the tales of Ronka, just as we have protected this place. But we are mindful of what our mothers taught us. We see the past through our own eyes, and speak of it with our own words. Thus do we come to understand it, in our own way. But this is not the same as remembering. 
Y'shtola: Your mothers were wise. Though we witnessed the Final Days, our impressions could not fail to be covered by our own experiences and expectations. Those who lived through it would have perceived the event quite differently. We must bear in mind that it is no simple matter to keep the truth alive, or it will die with Emet-Selch and his kin. But we have disturbed Tiuna long enough. Fanow will serve similarly well as a venue for our contemplations. 

Speaking with Almet to finish the quest

Almet: By your pensive expression, I take it the tomb have given you much to think about. That is well. In time, the knowledge you have gleaned will lead to understanding, and thus arm you for what is to come. Before you leave, however, I would speak again of the teachings of our forebears. Of histories learned, not lived. The legend of Tiuna and her exploits has been told countless times over the centuries. Yet as it handed from one generation to the next, the story changes. With each telling of the tale there are new flourishes- details changed or lost. We can never truly know how she lived, for we were not there to see it. But we are here now to bear witness to your life. We have seen the change you have wrought, the echoes that will endure long after you are gone. And though it too will change in time, I swear to you, we shall do our best to preserve your story. 
Uimet: I hope you forgive me if I don't make an oath of my own, but I think it goes without saying we could never misspeak of your heroism. 
Cymet: Perish the though! So long as we are here, there are none among the Viis who will not know of all you have done for Norvrandt. 
Y'shtola: We are not deserving of such reverence, but we are grateful all the same. You can be certain we will have our own tales to tell of the great guardians of Rak'tika and the ruins of Ronka. 
Almet: I pray you safe travels, then. As ever, we shall await your return with open arms.