Eyes on Me

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Eyes on Me

Eyes on Me Image.png
Quest giver
Eastern Thanalan (X:10, Y:21)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Imperial Shortsword
Experience 18,040
Gil 1,791
Previous quest
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
Next quest
He Who Waited Behind

Marques believes he is being watched.

— In-game description




Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in Eastern Thanalan.



  • Marques cannot shake the feeling that he is being watched. Apparently, the sensation comes and goes, but he felt it quite strongly not long ago. Put his fears to rest by searching the surrounding area for hidden onlookers.
  • While patrolling the lichyard, you come under attack from an unknown assailant. After slaying the man in self-defense, you note that his sword is unlike any you have seen before, and retrieve it in the hope that it might serve to identify him. Inform Marques that his fears were justified.
  • Marques has no idea why the man would be monitoring his activities, but he suspects it may have something to do with his past -- a past which he still cannot recall, despite his best efforts. As this may not be the last time dangerous men come in search of Marques, he asks that you inform Father Iliud of everything that has transpired. Perhaps you should show him the unusual sword you discovered as well.
  • Recognizing the sword you found to be Garlean steel, Father Iliud concludes that the man observing Marques was an imperial soldier. Before he can dispatch you to inform the authorities, Alphinaud Leveilleur strides into the church an declares Marques to be none other than Master Cid Garlond, who has been missing since the Calamity five years ago. While he has yet to recover his lost memories, Cid senses that the boy speaks the truth, and decides to join him. Resigned, Father Iliud produces Cid's belongings, which the priest had stored for safekeeping. Alphinaud then reveals that the Ixal have summoned Garuda, and that Cid's lost airship, the Enterprise, will be required if they surviving Scions are to reach the Primal. Together with Cid and Alphinaud, make for Gridania, where the Enterprise was last seen.