Every Fish Has a Silver Lining

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Feature Quest icon.png

Every Fish Has a Silver Lining

Way of the Fisher.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7, Y:14)
Required items
5 Navigators dagger icon1.png  Navigator's Dagger
Experience 12,960
Gil 382
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Princess and the Fish
Next quest
Feature QuestA Fish in Hot Water

Sisipu could use a helping hand around the Fishermen's Guild.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Head to The Brewer's Beacon (x:30,y:30) in Western La Noscea (Aetheryte: Swiftperch) with Rat tail icon1.png  Rat Tail as bait.


  • Speak with Chuchuroon.
  • Speak with Sisipu.
  • Speak to Wawalago.
  • Deliver Navigator's daggers to Chuchuroon.
  • Report to Sisipu.


  • Sisipu could use a helping hand around the Fishermen's Guild.
  • Hear what Chuchuroon has to say about a fish he is seeking.
  • Chuchuroon's description seems vague at best. Consult with Sisipu about how to proceed.
  • Sisipu is equally perplexed by the description, but believes Wawalago may be able to elucidate.
  • Drawing on his vast knowledge of fish, Wawalago has determined that the Navigator's dagger is the fish Chuchuroon seeks. Use rat tails to fish five out of the waters near the Brewer's Beacon in western La Noscea and deliver them to Chuchuroon.
  • You deliver the Navigator's daggers to Chuchuroon, and he is over the moon. Speak with Sisipu again to find out her opinion on your hard day's work.
  • Sisipu expresses relief at having someone both capable and reliable in you, albeit by bemoaning the lack of such traits among the other members of the guild.
  • The next fisher quest will be available from Sisipu upon reaching level 20.