Dizzy Miss Grizzly

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Dizzy Miss Grizzly
Type Kill Boss
Location The Fringes - East End (x11.9,y16.7)
Level 60
Duration  ?m
Enemies Revenant Grizzly
Description Flame scouts with the Eorzean Alliance are failing to return to their camps. The culprit, however, does not appear to be the Garleans, but a deadly grizzly sow that has acquired a taste for sweet Lalafellin flesh. As the scouts cannot afford to lose any more of their number, they seek adventurers to cleanse the hills in their stead.
Experience 75,330
Gil 120
Company Seals 345
Dizzy Miss Grizzly is a level 60 Kill Boss FATE in The Fringes - East End (x11.9,y16.7).

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