Dead To Rites: Kiyofusa

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Dead To Rites: Kiyofusa
Type Kill Enemies
Location Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x25.8,y29.6)
Level 64
Duration  ?m
Enemies Koshu Onmyoji, Shikigami Kiyofusa
Description An onmyoji from the Hingan isle of Koshu has sailed to Yanxia to perform unthinkable rites banned in his homeland. It is through blood sacrifice, that the wicked priest has summoned forth a restless spirit-a shikigami-and granted it a body in which it might now sow terror into the hearts of all Domans.
Experience 89,910
Gil 128
Company Seals 368
Dead To Rites: Kiyofusa is a level 64 Kill Enemies FATE in Yanxia - The Glittering Basin (x25.8,y29.6).

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