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General Information

You must first talk to Simpkin in Old Gridania to complete the level 30 quasi-quest Plucking the Heartstrings to unlock the Performance Actions menu.

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Performance Actions1.png
Performance Actions3.png
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Sounds for the following instruments are now available:

Patch 4.2

  • Harp
  • Piano
  • Lute
  • Fiddle

Patch 4.3

  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Fife
  • Panpipes

Patch 4.4

  • Timpani
  • Bongo
  • Bass Drum
  • Snare Drum
  • Cymbal

Patch 5.1

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Horn
  • Saxophone

Patch 5.4

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass

Patch 5.55

  • Electric Guitar

It is possible to hold notes with these instruments by holding the associated keybinds.

Adjustments have been made to latency and sound quality for the following instrument sounds:

  • Harp
  • Piano
  • Lute
  • Fiddle

Performance actions can now be used in the following areas:

Performance actions can also be used in Explorer Mode and in Group Pose.

All musical notes can now be set to individual keybinds when using a keyboard.

Performance Actions2.png


The interface for playing music will change based on what control method a player has selected. When playing with a gamepad with the default controls, players will be able to use the D-pad and the face buttons to play natural notes, while using the shoulder buttons to raise or lower the note by half a step, and the triggers to raise or lower the octave by one. Players can adjust these settings to their liking in the menu that appears over the UI. While playing on a keyboard, players can assign notes, natural or flat/sharp to any of the keys, as well as the half step up/down and octave up/down buttons to any key. Players are also able to use a metronome to help them keep time while playing. The speed, volume and BPM can be adjusted on the metronome itself, and it can be started or stopped by using the play/pause button on the interface.

Gamepad Performance1.jpg Keyboard Performance1.jpg Metronome1.jpg

Using Ensemble Ready Check

Once the party leader has chosen to initiate an ensemble ready check via the metronome, the ready check settings screen will appear. Once the desired settings have been selected, the ensemble ready check can be initiated.

Using Ensemble Ready Check1.png

Initiating the ready check will send a notification to all party members.

  • Players will be marked not ready if they fail to respond to the ready check within 15 seconds.

Using Ensemble Ready Check2.png

Accessing Ensemble Mode

From the ready check menu, select Enter Ensemble Mode then commence the ready check.

Setting playback type to Self Only will mute the performance of party members.

Setting playback type to All Members will play the instruments of all party members with an increased delay.

  • All notes can now be displayed even when using a gamepad or controller.

This option can be toggled on or off via the Keyboard Settings tab of the Performance Settings menu.

  • Players can now toggle between keyboard and gamepad button display.
  • Players can now display gamepad inputs on-screen.
  • Players can now practice using the performance assist function.

Learn to play select songs by following key prompts as they appear on your screen.

Accessing Ensemble Mode1.png

Accessing Performance Assistance

From the Performance menu, select Performance Assistance to display a list of songs you may practice. You can then adjust the music tempo, and choose whether or not you wish to use a metronome.

Accessing Performance Assistance1.png

Once you begin, the Keyboard UI (as well as the gamepad display if enabled) will highlight the keys you must press in time with your selected tempo.

Square Enix Warning

When using the performance actions, you are strictly prohibited from performing the music of any third parties. You may record and upload your performance and hereby agree to license such recordings to us for use by Square Enix or others in accordance with the terms of the "FINAL FANTASY XIV Material Usage License".

Following the implementation of performance actions, the FINAL FANTASY XIV Material Usage License has been updated. Review the FINAL FANTASY Material Usage License here.