Cactuar Cutting

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Cactuar Cutting
Cactuar cutting1.jpg
Lord of Verminion Information
Type Monster
Auto Attack Single Target
HP 380
ATK 30
DEF 45
Cost 10
Special Action Run Amok - Increases action party movement speed by 30%. Duration: 10s
Action Type Enhancing
Points 30
Cactuar Cutting is a mini Cactuar minion. It is awarded for completing the level 47 quest Zombies Are People Too from Hab near Sagolii Desert, Southern Thanalan (x24,y40).


Take care not to suffer 1,000 points of damage… to your heart.

Hab, loneliest zombie in the realm, is certain that this cactuar cutting taken from his trusty companion Sabotendrick. Or if not, then most positively Sabotendred. What he does not know,is that it is, in fact, from the oft forgotten Sabotendale.


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