But I Hardly Noah

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But I Hardly Noah

But I Hardly Noah.png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:30.3, Y:12.4)
Quest line
Crystal Tower

Experience 0
Gil 758
Previous quest
The Light of Hope
Next quest
The Gift of the Archmagus

Syele looks as though she has lost someone.

— In-game description



  • Syele looks as though she has lost someone.
  • It has transpired that Koh Rabntah, a member of the Sons of Saint Coinach, has gone missing. She was last seen carrying a strange orb from the Crystal Tower, and Syele surmises her friend left to seek something in Revenant's Toll. Make your way there in search of the wayward researcher.
  • You find Koh Rabntah standing about, only to discover she is not herself. The fascinating orb the researcher stumbled upon contained the soul of Noah, archmagus of Allag. Unable to resist the chance to walk again in the world, Noah then possessed Koh Rabntah. In so doing, she learns of NOAH, the group that bears her name, and now wishes to see what the organization has accomplished. With a promise to inform Syele of Koh's safety, Noah bids you show her your exploits within the Crystal Tower-- in exchange for a token of her knowledge. Speak with her again should her offer intrigue you.

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